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Did anybody around here ever buy a Pete Thorn record, or go to a Pete Thorn show ?
Or is he only someone you guys clickety-click on ?
This chap’s influence and reputation is a bit of a mystery to me: I know a bunch of music and guitar freaks, and his name never got mentioned by any of them. Should I look for better friends ?

I listen to his two albums on Spotify all the time. He's one of only a few guitar instrumentalists whose albums I can listen to in full. Many of them I find I get bored after just 3 - 5 tunes because they tend to be samey, but I find Pete's to be wildly diverse.

I love how layered the albums are and how there can be up to four guitars in parts all playing complementary licks without feeling cluttered.

Everyone should at least check him out once.


And y’all can say whatever you want about Pete and YouTubers in general… but he gave me these and I will be forever grateful!

I never knew his Destroyer was the primary guitar on VH1 and the Frankie was really only used on the parts with trem. Info like that is priceless.

Plus, how have we gone this far without mentioning this greatness?

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Yes, I think you are right. I suppose I owe PeteThorn an apology.

I should have known it would turn out like this. It is a shame you can't even post a light-hearted joke without it going sideways. The faceless internet brings out the worst in people.

It's an unfortunate "modern-day" social decay.
I'm still glad you supply your technical (and humorous) input when you post. It's valuable and appreciated. Pete's is, too, and I don't think as apology is necessary (which should be obvious).


Well some people get jealous I think of others’ success. Pete, as long as I have known him, in my eyes is a hired gun and has played with many top acts. Also was well respected by EVH and many excellent worshipped players. His YouTube stuff is what he does to keep his mind sharp playing music and paying some bills while he is at it. I have had the pleasure of working with Pete for many years and he is always consistent and puts in hard work to help make a product something he is proud to put his name on. Pete knows what he wants and makes an hour trip anytime he wants to tweak something and we work on it. He is hard working and tireless and would never kick a dog, he spent the 4th on the floor playing with my dogs, anyone who loves dogs is A OK. Plus he was speaking in bark and the dogs did everything he asked. He is also one hell of a nice guy just trying to navigate this ****** world where thanks to the internet everything bad and good spreads much faster than it should. I have often watched his gear demos when I’m interested in gear, I’ve even purchased Suhr gear watching his demos. As usual, people poop in threads. Nothing new in social media across all platforms but Pete is the real deal and also a great friend. Talk **** on Pete who doesn’t deserve that and there will be no soup for you.
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WTF is wrong with some people? Pete is a complete class act and as down to Earth as they possibly come.

As to his success, he's earned it the hard way and I couldn't possibly happier for him. I am grateful he's so generous with what his experience has taught him.


My son and I went to a clinic he did here in Canberra, Australia, primarily about home recording for the internet. It was sponsored by Suhr and while he talked about his amp and guitar a little he spent the bulk of the clinic explaining in detail how he achieves really professional mixes using very inexpensive or free plug ins. Afterwards he talked to anyone who wanted to chat with him and we had a little chat with him. Absolutely the nicest guy you could ever meet. I have no idea what the post on the fx forum was about but as far as meeting your heroes, you won’t be let down by Pete.


Pete is pretty awesome and accessible and living the dream. He has a great YT channel and shares his experience with humility and grace. A class act. His touching video after Cornell died was just what I needed at the time. He gave me the best guitar advice ever a few years ago. I asked him how to increase my alt picking speed, and he said, oh yeah, just play faster. So I did, and it worked!

He really should put a side project together with David Torn and Pete Yorn so they can have a supergroup called Torn Thorn (featuring Yorn).
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I follow his channel when he demos something I'm interested in as his demo videos are well done and more importantly, concise and to the point. Not much time is wasted on fluff.

About his guitar playing skill, watching him on his channel and videos of him in live performances I'm always struck by what I perceive as his precision and accuracy as his fingers run around the fretboard.

It reminds me of Eric Johnson. Not the style, but the precision and accuracy with which he plays.
Reminds me of Steve Morse...
imply I’m just a shill,

This is what burns me up. If people are going to have such a strong, disparaging opinion of someone, they should at least learn what a shill actually is. I've watched tons of your product videos and have yet to come across one where you pretend to be just a customer and totally unaffiliated with the manufacturer while heaping praise on a product. I don't know, maybe I missed a few, but I doubt it.
One thing I noticed about Pete and his demos, he really plays the product. By that I mean it's clear he spends time beforehand listening to the sounds a pedal is capable of, then crafts a tune around those sounds. He's not hitting record, pulling the pedal out of a box, then twisting some knobs.

He once did a video on some sort of envelope filter, a circuit I was not the least bit interested in. He played it in such a musical way, he had me digging out my Line 6 M5 in an attempt to create something as cool as he did. (I didn't ).


Saw him with Melissa Etheridge a long time ago. Got my ass pinched by a group of giggling women while outside the ladies room waiting for my wife.
Greatest concert ever.
Also there was music.
I thought he was Jeff Beck at first because of his hair. Went home and learned everything about him.
Another fact that the OP somehow overlooked: Jeff Beck actually wears a Pete Thorn wig.



Ah yes the good ol’ days when record label and radio execs determined what you listen to.

Sounds great.
I think the point being made in post # 230 is that pre internet, Pete would still be doin' what he's doin' today while the majority of the YT guitar gang wouldn't see the light of day.


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You hit on something important here. As a general rule, I Think it’s best to approach the Internet just as you do real life. So if you wouldn’t insult somebody to their face, don’t do it on the Internet. I’ve been a member here for a long time, probably 20 years? So, hey, I’m here, longtime member, and I’m just a guy, I think we should generally be nice to one another, and I promise not to rip on or tear any of you guys down baselessly, and it’d be nice if you offer that same courtesy in return, and then we can all have nice times talking about tubes and pedals and frets and stuff, yay
This should be a sticky on every social media platform..........forever.


I don't need any gear, and I am working on not wanting any gear

I watch his videos for the playing, same with Chris Buck and Dave Simpson, I watch the play and skip the talk. He plays well IMO.

youtube, same as internet is a tool. I never understand why some complain about it, just don't use it, or use it for what you like, i also don't understand why some bergrudge others who try to make money and/or a name for themselves on youtube, they have to make a living and they do what they can with the skills they have

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