Pete Thorn facts...


I follow his channel when he demos something I'm interested in as his demo videos are well done and more importantly, concise and to the point. Not much time is wasted on fluff.

About his guitar playing skill, watching him on his channel and videos of him in live performances I'm always struck by what I perceive as his precision and accuracy as his fingers run around the fretboard.

It reminds me of Eric Johnson. Not the style, but the precision and accuracy with which he plays.

Miroslav L

So if I understand this correctly, this Thorn is basically the opposite of Rick Beato - he's the YouTuber TGPers are allowed to have a man-crush on?

Cause there's a lot of gushing in this thread, 40 - 60 year old men with Stratocasters gushing like 15 year old girls, very, VERY awkward.

I just want to know where's the candles so I can light one, and leave an offering at the altar.

Pete is more like MacGyver than Chuck Norris.
He has a rig solution for every brand...I mean every need. ;)

I like Pete and his videos...he seems like really good guy, besides being a great player.

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