Pete Thorn Perplexed cover


Hi hello how are ya doing guitaristic people..
I like Pete Thorn and is a top notch player (duh) so I covered one of his tunes.
I also worked with 2 camera guys and made a music video at the coolest place in the entire universe. Well maybe not the coolest, but pretty cool to my eyes.
So stay tuned for that please!
But here is an audio recording bc I am impatient and I have to share things before it isn't even released.
The video is the real deal that we three put a lot of effort though. It will be up soon!
Anyways, enjoy the song! The backing track is purchased from a website! (idk if I am allowed to mention a certain website..) You can find it if you go to Pete's channel. He made a video about it.

Sorry it's not sound cloud haha you have to go to the link and listen to it. but yeah.

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