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Pete Thorn..."Recording and Production for the Modern Guitarist"


Say now...

If Pete Thorn comes anywhere near your locale with this clinic tour, get thy behinds to that venue pronto!!!

I just caught the clinic in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Hosted by Lauzon Music, and sponsored by Suhr Guitars). What a treat it was!

Pete walks you through the process of recording a "pedal demo length" song. Naturally, a wide range of Suhr gear is featured prominently (Pete's signature guitar and PT100 amp. Several pedals including the Koko Boost, Koji Compressor, and Alexa Chorus. And the as-yet-unreleased new version of the Reactive Load...which ships next week). And all through the tracking, he takes questions, and shares stories and anecdotes. It was a most entertaining and informative evening.

Thanks a bunch, Pete! It was nice to finally meet you in person.


Silver Supporting Member
Hi guys, thanks for coming out to the clinics! Ya that's it for this year but next year we will do more! I've done 4 in Canada now (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa) and a few in Germany and 2 in the UK. If you have a Suhr dealer and you'd like me to swing out and do it, let em know!

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