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Peter Gabriel's "So"...


Silver Supporting Member
Oh man the gut wrenching sound in that show, too...
Honestly, from the entrance from the back of the venue, through to the end of the show, I had never seen/heard anything like it. The next day, me and my young chums were literally asking each other if we had really actually seen what we'd just seen.

The music was pretty good too.


Platinum Supporting Member
This release has some deeper meaning for me as it always brings me back to one particular night before my GF became my wife.

I can't listen to it without getting choked up.

One comment I recall from that night was when a friend said "Wow this is a good record."


I recall reading about Daniel Lanois locking Peter in the vocal booth until he came up with lyrics because he kept putting it off.

Silly urban legend - according to Gabriel he wouldn't commit to a set of lyrics -
the thing had umpteen verses - and Lanois kept Gabriel in the studio until he
decided and committed to the verses to keep.


Desert island album for me.
When SO came out - my gang were completely floored by the music.
Seeing him live took it to a whole other level. I saw Gabriel on 5 subsequent
tours - and he somehow managed to up the ante each time - and he took
the SO songs he played to a different universe while keeping the core of the
songs intact.

But I'll tell you what - the Growing Up tour completely blew my mind.
That was the tour with the 'Bubble' - OMG - never felt so transported
and etherial during a concert before. The Bubble bit - was equally menacing
and spiritual.

My ghost likes to travel so far in the unknown
My ghost likes to travel so deep into your space



Mercy Street is my favorite off So. Great album.
Security was my introduction to PG. Rhythm of the Heat still blows my mind.
First saw him live at the 1993 WOMAD Festival with Sinead singing backup & an appearance by Shankar.
Also saw him on UP, Scratch my Back with an orchestra & with Sting @ the Bowl. Always great live.

Peter and Paul Simon really had an immense impact on bringing African-style influences to Western Modern music....both being Craftsmen in their own right before, and after.
The African sounds reminded me of Neil Diamond's Tap Root Manuscript album which my mom played all the time when I was a kid.

Seth L

If this hasn’t been mentioned already, This Tony Levin’s bass playing is *epic* on this album. Nothing like it and it really has a lot to do with the greatness of the whole album.
He played bass or stick on the majority of the recordings leading up to SO. Robert Fripp as well, which led to the 80's version of King Crimson.

Seth L

Just not as good as Car, Scratch, Melt and So to me.

But I'll give it another spin.
I think he maintained an upward trend from the start. Security may be my favorite, but it's hard to say. It's pretty much killer all the way through. The Rhythm Of The Heat, San Jacinto, The Family And The Fishing Net, Shock The Monkey, Lay Your Hands On Me...As good as as it gets.

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