Petersen 4x12 vs Orange 4x12 - My findings

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Transmisser, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Mar 25, 2012
    (No affiliation with Petersen cabs - paid full price)

    I decided to compare my Petersen 4x12 to an Orange 4x12 cab since the Petersen was built in the style of an oversized Marshall and the Orange is a little smaller (easier to bring around for gigs and what not.)

    Amps used:
    Hiwatt DR103 (1978)
    Marshall JMP 100 (70's)

    Petersen speakers - 2 Celestion Creamback 65, 2 G1265 Heritage
    Orange Speakers - 2 Eminence GB128, 2 Private Jacks

    I used my American Deluxe Telecaster for the comparison along with a Mooer Black Secret (rat clone.) Would have used my friend's WF Rat Reissue, but I didn't have the adapter :(

    TL;DR Version
    Orange very directional / beamy (but most of you probably already know that), a little less low end. Still a great cab though.
    Petersen dispersion kills the orange IMHO. Yes, sounds slightly different when changing angles, but was very surprised how consistent the sound was. More low end as well, which I'm assuming has to do with the larger cabinet design.

    Slightly Longer version
    I initially liked the orange better because standing in front of it casually, it seemed like the high end was more tame. I also have a soft spot for Orange cabs because they look F$%^ING SIIICK. Playing through the Petersen, my sound seemed a lot more clear / defined and wasn't sure how I felt about it initially. Really splitting hairs at this point . . .

    Until . . . .

    I kneeled down 10-15ft in front of the Orange. Wow. I started messing around with my position in relation to the Orange and it was pretty shocking how much the sound changed depending on where I was standing. Kneeled down, I was very unhappy with the tone of the Orange. I'm not ruling out Orange cabs for the future, but it's a huge turn off for me if they're all that directional. In one position it sounds perfect, but in others it's very buzzy.

    Onto the Petersen. The dispersion with this cab is 50x better, lets just get that out of the way. I'm not going to compare how the sound is slightly bigger since the difference in cabinet size. I really can't discern any beaminess with the cab and changing my position in relation to it I found that the sound is somehow fairly consistent at all angles. Maybe it has something to do with the tilted baffle?

    Fairy Dust?

    I don't know. I kneeled down, stood to the left, stood to the right, dead center, up close and personal; The sound never went from wooly to shrill / buzzy like the Orange. Slight change in sound overall, but negligible IMO. Look, it's obvious - I love my Petersen. The whole process with Matt (Tonefree) was smooth and he was on the ball the whole time. All while going through Knee surgery crap. I know how painful that can be since I have Meniscus issues with both of my knees.

    Anyways, the Petersen cab has been with me for close to a year now and it's handled everything I've thrown at it: guitars in B standard + Fuzz, Nord Electro Sub Organ sounds, maxing out my Hiwatt. I thought the Nord might blow the cab up, but it handled it pretty well. Great cab overall and a great guy to do business with.

    So, yeah. I guess that's it. Here's a picture of the Petersen with my Hiwatt + Hiwatt I used to own:

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    Hey thanks Alabama , I appreciate you taking your time to post this and am Happy to hear how the 412 is stacking up. :banana

    Enjoy, Cheers , TF...
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    Sep 28, 2005
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    AGGREED! Total magic sounding cabinets!
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    Jul 6, 2007
    Different speakers, don't understand how this can be conclusive?

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