Phaez/V2 Lotto Amp - 8 watt Corona


A while back I posted in another forum that I'd hold a random draw for a free kit build. The 'winner' would purchase a Phaez kit from Randy Fay and I'd build it at no charge. About 20 people threw their names into a hat, Randy Fay offered to supply the kit for less than $300, and his cab builder (Jim) offered to build the head cab for less than $100. Originally the lotto kit was going to be one of the new (existing) Phaez kits (Sibly or something else). However, the winner convinced Randy to design an 8-watt Corona, a model based loosely on a blackface preamp, but with some more gain on tap and an effects loop. After a month or so, Randy shipped the parts, cab, and schematic to me. A couple weeks later, the lotto amp was born. I'm burning it in this week and hope to ship it to the owner in a few days. I hope he likes it.





Bumping this for some Phaez love. I was the winner of the raffle. I haven't had much time with this yet but it definitely has the blackface tone. Thanks again to Randy, Jim and John. The quality is top notch all around

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