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Phil Lesh's New Bass for Spring Tour 2009


Triad Abuser
Warren back on a strat...man that should suit the gig nicely. I'm sure the 335 will be used regularly also.

Ben S.

That is pretty freaky. The way it extends way past the bridge is a trip.

But more importantly, to me at least, Warren was playing a Strat and an SG through a PRS amp and Tone Tubby cab. Sounded good. I like the nod to early Jerry tones. He should add a P90 Les Paul to that mix.
There are a few rehearsal clips on youtube, and I like that Warren seems to be paying a nod to Jerry in tone and style. I thought it sounded pretty good....like the Dead.

And I love Phil Lesh. It is very inspiring to see the look on his face as he plays. He seems to have that same excitement playing a song for the 1000th time as he did the first time he played it. Music should never be a chore, and Phil always seemed to understand that.


Silver Supporting Member
I'll be there next Sunday in Greensboro!!! CAn't wait, I'm coming back from a little 5 day run and then get to see The Dead!!!

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