Photoshoots and Band Art and getting the feeling your selling out ...

My band is picking up a bit of steam lately and ... of course to the amusement of my friends and family we're starting to get the odd photo shoot for local stuff in Canada ... it's all a bit new to me, who knows if my band will even make a '' blotch '' in any landscape, but as long as it's fun and the music is good I'll keep doing it ...

We had a photoshoot lately and the theme was supposed to be Magazinish ...

It came out looking a bit too much for me but it was fun


My nephew sent me this recently ... and I don't know why ... but it impacted me pretty deeply ...


I really reminded me of when all I had was a 30 $ guitar I had bought in a Garage sale and dragged it everywhere from open mic to open mic ...

One of the thing when your a band in the '' attempt at making '' is how the serenity of how things used to be meant so much more in so many ways then what I am doing now.

I guess the point I'm trying to make to myself and to you if you are in the same position I am or was, or may be, or are thinking of being ...

Don't let them convince you ( photographers, managers, critics etc ... )

that you are anything more than what you actually are

I hope this thread makes sense ! if not !!! CHEERS ANYWAYS !!!
haha ! it looks so before and after

I hate the whole poser attitude that seems to dominate the industry right now
Guess they almost made you believe you were a poser

Now you know why Kurt Cobain shot himself in the mouth


i agree and dont agree with this train of thought. Part of the reason people are 'awed' by musicians is because they seem larger than life. People don't go to see an act that they feel like they could be better than. They want to be wowed. Unfortunately, this makes perception a reality. Sometimes being so down to earth is the cool thing to do - yet you still have to have a swagger about yourself to make it cool. otherwise, you're just 'one of them in the crowd.'

My father told me last night that Simon Cowell (Simon Coward?) said on American idol last night to a contestant that he/she was good but not enough. Being a singer/rocker - you have to be conceited on stage. Otherwise, no one is interested.

I dont watch the show - but it makes sense. off the stage is another thing - but on the stage (or in a photoshoot) - you have to play up to it all basically.

PS: I'm a nobody in a band but i guess I feel like staying true to yourself is important but at the sametime - you have to be able to transform above everyone else to stand out.

hope it didnt come out sounding conceited btw ;)
No I actually understand your point of view ! I just felt so terribly embarassed after I saw myself in the second picture, I had the chance over the last year to meet some pretty big stars in this business and noticed that they are usually divided into 2 personae ... star mode / super down on themselves mode

I always thought I had one mode, which is happy mode !

Turns out that looking back on it now, I'm slowly getting into that frame of mind.

If I ever make it in this industry I hope I never take myself too seriously


It's called "marketing"... No big deal. Just don't let them dress you up in a slinky pink polyester shirt open down to your navel and have you dancing around in a bedroom like they did in that career-killing "Billy Squier" video...


a lot of issues can come up especially if u aren't comfortable with the way the band is being presented and there's nothing to say u have to have band photos in promos/artwork

but a lot of photos and artwork are cliched and something that really has amused me is i got all this hype from a coupla bands on myspace and when i checked em out they have the pimped layout and tons of pix and promo stuff and no music :jo


We just took band photos too. I was bummed that so many had us not smiling. We all looked upset, which is "the look" to evidently had. It's a bummer too because we tend to be very happy on stage.

Something my group really wrestles with is pushing an image. We've been fortunate to have a few big local agencies want to try and work with us, but they all say the same thing....we have to sell ourselves harder and talk about how awesome and special we are. All our text has been adjusted to do that, although I'd have a hard time repeating it to another person. Maybe having it written detaches myself from it more?

That tends to go against how I would typically present myself. I feel a bit dirty engaging in the process, but you have to follow the "rule" a little bit. Then with your foot in the door you can break them down. Or at least that's how I sleep at night.

I've spent my whole life trying to speak through my actions and now find myself doing what I've always disliked seeing other do...although I must admit there has been many a time when I was a "better" fit for something but ignored because I didn't act entitled or arrogant.

The Captain

If you look at the camera, you are selling out, which is why you see so many band pics with a bunch of surly expressions looking anywhere but at the camera.
I liked the second pic especially. I can't see why you would not like that.
The first pic is good too. Understated cool, but not too cool to look at the camera. Cool clothing, nice light, what's not to like ??
It is show-biz, and having a look or a persona that is not every-day drab is OK.


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Most musicians need to smile more...Music is written/recorded/performed by us to make us all feel good...makes sense

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