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I have a bit of paralysis in the fingers of my right hand (pick hand). I noticed it a few months ago but have not had time to see a doctor or do anything about it. I'm not certain what happened. It might be because I tend to sleep on my right arm. Or, maybe it was caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Regardless, It affects my playing a bit but, fortunately, I can still play. Hopefully, it's temporary.

I already have plans to work my own physical therapy on the hand and fingers. And, soon, I'll consult with a doctor. In the meantime, I need to work on playing more guitar to see if I can get back my pick-hand dexterity. At the moment, my left hand is stronger and has greater dexterity than my right. Fortunately, that's not the worst thing for a right handed guitar player. I used to be proud of my pick hand skills, so it is sad to know that’s slightly diminished. But, I think I can work through it even if the change ends up being permanent.

I do feel lucky that this is not happening to my fret hand. Even though both are important, I think left-hand and finger-paralysis would be even more problematic. Anyway, I’d like some help with some suggestions.

What exercise gear works to help build hand and finger muscles? I’ve thought of a ball to squeeze but, honestly, I don’t even know which balls work best for physical therapy.


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I have dealt with a similar issue.....
You should really see a Doctor asap. Playing , and continued use, may be worsening the condition. Sounds like it could be a pinched nerve. I definitely wouldn't start any kind of physical therapy until you know what you are dealing with. Good luck!

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Hey man, doctor here. Go see your doc asap. Isolated weakness or dexterity loss, in the absence of numbness or tingling, is much more concerning for stroke than a pinched nerve. Especially if you have other risk factors for stroke (high blood pressure, diabetes, smoker, age>45, etc).

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