Pick One Tube Amp For Life, Brand New, Under $1500 - Which One?


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(the $1500 number is a somewhat firm ceiling, prefer less, but absolutely nothing over $2K)

If you were suddenly condemned to forsake GAS forever and were forced to pick just one brand new (yes I mean purchased brand new, let's leave the used bargains out of this one) tube amp to use for everything (home, studio, stage) from now on forever and ever amen, head or combo, Strat or Tele (what I have), or LP, classic rock, blues, lite fusion, funk, lite jazz, hopefully with reverb but with no pedals.......

Which one would you choose?

This implies that you must really like or love the sound, it has to be as reliable and as long-lived as possible (not counting tubes and speaker swaps), and must be easy to get serviced without shipping to Istanbul for 8 months, etc.
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Tough call between a reissue Princeton or Deluxe Reverb but it would be one of the two.


No pedals is a tough one for me. It would have to be a three channel amp with a footswitchable solo boost.

I might consider the new Mark V 25. No footswitchable solo boost but the EQ is footswitchable so I could always use that as a lead boost.


I would get a Valve Storm Kit/Metropoulos Amp GMP45 with Metro Spec'd x Heyboer Iron x Dagnall Choke and have it put together.

I believe a Valve Storm kit with Both Transformers x Choke is around $1000 dollars. Including a Valve Storm Head Cabinet to put the Guts in. Leaving $1000 left over for Assembly xand Cabinet/Speakers

I have 1 done By Metro, but the Valvestorm Kits if put together Professionally are as good as it gets and is Better than the HW MArshall JTM45 that costs around 3200 dollars. With no speakers or cabinet. But does have Tremolo. I don't want onboard Marshall tremolo anyway.

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One amp for $1500 or less, hum..... which one would I pick. I've owned over 60 amps, so let me think. One that is known to be reliable and simple to maintain. Hmmmm, no pedals ? (how boring) and want reverb. You want rock, blues, fusion with no pedals.
Well, I think LANEY would be a good choice or Mesa. I think you can get near $1500 with a Mesa Mark V. I'm personally thinking about getting a Mesa Mark V. The Mark IV is a sweet amp also. Laney has a LC30 I like. Great clean, great gain....
But, neither one is simple to repair.

How about a Vintage Sound DLX Reverb, which is all handwired and use pedals. Life would be purty BORING without messing with pedals. If money is an issue, get another job. I personally have a TK Metro and use a **** load of pedals for entertainment.


I would choose a Mark Five:25 for sure if I had to buy new, but if could buy used I would find a Mesa Roadster head for that price.

For my last amp, I would only trust a Mesa.

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