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Picked up a Vypyr VIP2 today - very impressed!



I have sold my Axe FX II, Vetta II and DT25 amps recently. I played through a Blackstar ID:60 (excellent amp) and realised that I spend far more time tweaking than playing. I'm not in a band, I hardly ever record anything (certainly never anything worthwhile), and so the Axe II seemed like overkill for me. I live in an apartment block, and the Vetta II was too loud even at low volumes. The DT25 never got cranked, and so it seemed like a complete waste.

So, I went to my local guitar shop today with the intention of buying some strings and looking at acoustic guitars. I heard a young lad playing on the Vypyr and decided to have a little noodle whilst I was there. I ended up leaving with it.

I tell you, for the £240 I paid for it, it is an absolute steal. I have been spoiled by the Axe FX, and so expected it to be crap, but it has some excellent tones in it. The tones seem very natural. It must be the analogue gain circuitry, but it reacts very well to picking dynamics. Cleans are bell-like and the drive tones are very articulate. The effects are decent enough for a bedroom guitarist like me, though the instrument simulations are complete crap.

My Variax's acoustic tones sound good through it, too. Not as good as through my monitors, but they are almost there.

I think it compares very favourably with the Blackstar ID:60 I played recently, though I do wish the noise gate could be switched off. It doesn't allow for rolling back the volume knob to control how hard the amp is driven.

All in all, this will satisfy my G.A.S for now. I do intend on buying an iPad Mini and BIAS at some point, but this will make that wait a bit easier.



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I've been a fan of the Vypyrs since they first came out. I've had the 75, tube 60, and now the VIP 3. I will most likely be getting the Pro once it's released.
Great tones, easy to dial in, and WYSIWYG knobs. Why other modeling amps don't do this is beyond me.

Congrats and enjoy.


I have the same one you do, got it last summer. It is so quick and easy to dial in a ton of good tones, I'm a fan.

I got it for 30 dollars off at GC with a sale, It's big bang for buck, they did a lot right with this one, wish more folks would try it out.

I especially love the red brit model with the univibe and a strat, very dynamic with volume changes.
I just picked one up as well. I always gravitated to it when demoing guitars at GC, so I figured I'd buy one. The feel is pretty good for a modeling/solid state amp. The tones are really good off axis to the speaker - on axis it sounds a little harsh, but that may be because the speaker isn't broken in.

It also seems like the noise gate cuts some of the sustain. Even on the red models I usually have to boost it to get long sustain. But, at least it's quiet, even with single coil pickups.

I'd have to say it's the best $200 amp available.

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