Pickguard or No Pickguard?

Do you like to have a guard on your guitar?

  • Yes

  • No

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kinda depends on the guitar, but i usually leave 'em on.

I suppose a super bada$$ flame top might look better without though : )


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I voted "NO" but that's mainly bc if I have a choice, its gone. On strats and tele style guitars, obviously I don't remove them.

On LPs, hollow bodies, etc, they're they first to go! I personally think it looks better and bc I anchor my fingers there, its more comfy w/o them.

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I like the classy look they give to my guitars, besides protecting the paint job I think it dresses them up nicely . Obviously I like my guitars to look as minty as possible...no road worn, relic, etc. for me!!!
usually if the pickguard comes with the guitar I will leave it on, my larrivee has a clear pickguard which totally rocks, my current LP special did not come with one my previous one has a pickguard attached to the body, so was not a choice there, my epi has a very cool looking pickguard so really would not take it off unless it was broken.


For Les Pauls, off it goes for me. I took it off mine and have never considered putting it back on. They feel like thier in the way to me and there's only a couple finishes that I like the looks of them on.
The entire idea of having a beautiful <insert price here> guitar then covering it up with a piece of PLASTIC just makes no sense to me. Furthermore, any ideas concerning attaching pickups to said piece of plastic can also be dismissed.
Skip the pickguard. :messedup


I tried my Les Paul with and without the pickguard. Just liked the look better with the pickguard on.

On my 335 and 137 Classic, I've never taken the pickguard off. I like em the way they are.

To me, those "floating" pickguard on Gibsons are part of the look I guess.


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I strongly believe Les Pauls look best with pickguards, regardless of the finish. Purely a cosmetic thing for me.
Having said that I don't think they serve much purpose for me. I play kinda hard, but the strings seem to take the abuse, not the guitar.


I keep them stock. If they come from the factory on, then they stay on. If the come in the case for you to attach, like my once owned LP Std. premium plus, I leave them off.

I have a thing about unused holes in my guitars. That said, I voted "Yes".
For strats with 3 single coil guitars-Yes. For Strats with humbuckers-generally not but it depends. On Les Paul, also depends on the color scheme.


I like them on.. i think it looks good. and like Todaystomorrow said, i always prefer Les Pauls with one.


I'm a little fanatical about keeping my stuff in good condition so I never remove pick guards. I just picked up this guitar which has no guard and I tried using a couple of sheets of that clear plastic they sell to protect the screens on PDA devices. The are suppose to be removable... held on by static I believe. I did a pretty messy job of applying them but they are invisible at more than a couple of feet away.

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