Pickup advice for PRS SE Custom 24: Seymour Duncan 59/59, JB/Jazz, or JB/59


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some recommendations on swapping out the stock PRS SE HFS/Vintage Bass pickups in my SE Custom 24. I've been doing lot's of research and have narrowed it down to the following 3 combos:

Seymour Duncan 59 (bridge)/59 (neck)
Seymour Duncan JB (bridge)/Jazz (neck)
Seymour Duncan JB (bridge)/59 (neck)

I find the stock pickups in the PRS SE to be way too muddy and mushy. I play a bunch of different styles, primarily rock, hard, rock, and blues so ideally a pickup set that can cover all those basis.

One caveat, with the "geometry" of the Custom 24, the 24 frets cause neck pickup to be pushed back towards the bridge, making it a bit more "nasally" vs. say "creamy" and "thick" like on a 22-fret Les Paul. If one of those pickup set options (i.e. the 59 neck, or Jazz neck), make the neck pickup more "Les Paul" like, that would be something I would want.

Any feedback our suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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