Pickup Covers - Yes or No?


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I'm about to drop an order with High Order pickups and I'm wondering whether to opt for the nickel covers or not. It's a cosmetic thing mostly, but i'm wondering just HOW it'll change the sound. obviously pickup makers use them, so i'm sure they don't TOTALLY change the sound, but still. i've never used covered pickups so i don't have much reference. Will they mellow the sound out a lot?

What do you all say?


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What does the maker of the pickups think?

You could always contact Jim at WCR Pickups. He's a regular around here and really knows his stuff.

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What kinda guitar?

A big assed Peavey T-60. Solid Ash body, lots of sustain.

markophonic said:
I prefer covers...primarily for cosmetic reasons.
So i assume they don't color the sound much for you, then? It's primarily a cosmetic thing for me to. I don't like the look of uncovered pickups, especially on this guitar - but if getting them covered will cause a hit in my tone, then screw it.

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I've never found covers to be "purely cosmetic". To me, they have a clear impact on the tone.


I think it depends on the pup.

I use covers on all of my vintage output pickups(6-9k range). I don't use covers on any of my modern, super-high output pickups (20-22k range)

I've never owned a pickup in between those outputs so I don't know what I would do with those....probably put covers on.

big brekfest

Thanks for the input guys. i think i'm going to opt for the covers.

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