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Pickup feedback and what can be done to reduce it.


Hi Guys,

I own several guitars and most have no problems with feedback at higher volumes. Unfortunately one guitar I recently purchased does. The obvious and simplest solution would be to wax pot the humbuckers. The trouble is I really like the vintage tone I am getting and I would hate to ruin that.

I have read that there are some alternatives that can be undone quite easily. One is as simple as removing the cover off the hum-bucker and simply placing a strip of painters tape over the lower slugs. Add a small amount of wood glue between the cover and the tape and that should stop any feedback caused by the cover itself.

I've also heard that some people will place a small piece of sponge under the pickup itself to reduce any vibrations in the base plate of the pickup.

Has anyone tried any of these tips?


Senior Member
I've potted some pickups with candle wax to reduce feedback. Mostly mini hums. I didn't hear a lot of difference after potting. Surely not enough to worry about. They were not 100% microphonic free after potting either.

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