Pickup Magnets - Swapping out for neodymium

John Hurtt

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Question: If I pulled the ceramic bar magnet off a cheap pickup and replaced it with neodymium...what would happen? Would the pickups not work...would the tone and/or output change...and if so, in what way? Or, adding them to the bottom of a standard single coil pickup?

I have a bunch of neodymium magnets and wondered if experimenting with the would be worthwhile. They are fairly small and I could place one under each polepiece. Anyone?



There is a youtube video of a guy doing this ... button style neo magnets under each steel pole after knocking off the bar magnet.

Any magnet will work, no magic other than how large or small the magnetic field is, just like raising or lowering your pickups from the strings. People spend way too much time afraid of ceramic.

Possible with whatever neo magnets you have they are not much different than the ceramics for output or they are so strong Wiley-Coyote will ask if you can ship them to him via ACME to take care of that road runner problem he has.

If kids or dogs swallow magnets it can kill them so be careful with that.



I was given a pickup from a local manufacturer, Blue Thumb. It came with three magnets that you can change from the top, with the pickup installed.
I have yet to install it, but it will be a great way to hear the difference between the neo., ceramic, and alnico5 mags.



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I had a Fender Marauder replica (it never went into production) with the pickups under the pickguard. The builder used neo magnets due to the large gap between the pickups and strings. It was pretty cool, but I didn't care for the sound.

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