Pickup system recommendations for my Breedlove USA Fusion


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I have a USA Breedlove Fusion, early 2000's model, and it has what I am assuming is an LR Baggs pickup system (with 9v battery, no controls), which is OK, but I want a better image of the sound when plugged in, and a little control over the signal, tone, etc.

What is currently available that, in your estimation, gives the best true image of the guitar's natural sound? This guitar has fabulous acoustic tone...mahogany back and sides, sitka spruce top...just about the best balanced tone I've ever had in any guitar I've owned (and that includes some top-notch models including 800 and 900 series Taylors, a McPherson, several hige-end Larrivee's and a Langejans as well).

What are some systems that I should consider (that don't call for me to cut a hole in the side of the guitar...which is OUT OF THE QUESTION!)?

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Whew, there are so many! I'd suggest starting with a LR Baggs M1A (or depending on your setup, a M1). You might also try the K&K Western setup - people seem to rave about those but I haven't met too many people on the road who are actually using them live.

I loved using the M1A because it's an easy swap in, swap out system. Also, if you grab a used one and you don't like it, you'll easily turn it around for what you have into yet granted you get a decent deal.

What's the application? Do you perform live often? Do you move around a lot when performing?


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I've been really happy with the combo of a K&K PWM and an M1A. Coffee house volumes, the K&K alone sounds great in both my Adi/Mahog Collings CJ and Composite Acoustics Bluegrass. The M1A is great at band volumes. You can run just the mag back through the monitors and both out to the mains if you use a stereo plug and it works great. I've never found a pickup system that sounds like a good mic, but this gets awfully close and doesn't clean out the bank account.

One thing about the K&K - you have to use a preamp to get the best tone out of it. It's "OK" without, but nowhere near at its best. I'm using the Headway and sounds great.


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the M1 is cool, but it is not anything like a "true representation"; it's more for high volume with no feedback, which soundhole pickups excel at because they don't read the top vibration, just reading the strings themselves. (the M1's hook is that it uses a suspended coil to get a little "flavor" of the top vibration into the equation, but it's still pretty much the opposite of what the OP's asking for, i think.)

does this breedlove have the bridge doctor post-thing attached to the bridge inside? that limits the choices somewhat.

the three most "acoustic"-sounding systems i've heard all live on that area under the bridge; that aforementioned K&K, the baggs ibeam, and the new baggs anthem.

you might be able to mount the anthem's mic on the bridgeplate but beside the post, in which case the anthem would be far and away the most natural-sounding of the available options.


I would highly recommend the LR Baggs Anthem or Anthem SL. It's a combination of UST and "tru-mic" which produces very good sound in both low and high volume situations.

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I have the B-Band A2.2XOM system in my 2004 Breedlove SC20/R. This is an auditorium-sized guitar with rosewood back/sides and cedar top. The B-Band system has been fantastic and I get lots of complements from sound guys.

It is not the best set up for high-volume but for solo, recording, or playing in a band that is at a moderate volume, it is great.

The system has 2 pickups (undersaddle and soundboard) and the preamp allows for blend control. While there are no tone controls, I find that varying the blend lets me get brighter or darker tones.

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