Pickups for thinline tele build / 4th position?


Looking for recommendations for the best pickup set for a custom thinline tele that I’m building, to be set up with a 4 way switch to put them in series. I have a custom shop tele with a pair of CS twisted tele pickups that I really like, especially the stratiness of the neck pup. The twisted tele neck pups are great for bassy rhythm playing and thick lead tones. I’d like to put something similar in the neck of my new custom build, for that strat like tone, but something hot and punchy in the bridge.

Curious about maybe..

  • Twisted tele neck and nocaster or broadcaster bridge? Would this combo sound good in series?
  • Texas specials? Online clips sound like the neck might similarly be kind of straty

Also wondering if anyone has put a 4 way switch on the twisted tele neck / bridge combo and how that sounds?

Lastly - would I be better off trying to dial in the right combo with Curtis Novak?

Many thanks!

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