Pics as Promised


Sorry folks it took me longer than I had hoped.

Here are the pics of the leaky CE Caps, never installed.
They are physically leaking the electrolyte all except
the one on the right, which does not work, i.e., open.

If you buy these you are stuck. AES does not stand by their products.
They tell you sorry, you can't return them past their 30/60 day policy.
Heck, I buy in quantity to keep costs down, they aren't installed.
These products, faulty tubes, other defective parts etc. I get to eat.

On the other hand, I've never had a problem with GT the new sensor
folks and others in distribution when you find there are problems with
parts they've stood behind it, EVEN years later when something was

Oh, check out the JJ caps of the same age:

A little dusty, no problems here, they check out fine and don't leak.

So for those of you looking multi can caps....CE (AES) branded ones are not the way to go.


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Yuck. So now which one do I order for my Champ? It looks like AES was the only one with a 40/20/20. The others makers, like JJ, offer a 40/20/20/20---can you just omit the extra 20 somehow?


Weber VST makes a 40/20/20 cap, works great.

I've heard these CE caps have problems, this is not the first time I've seen complaints. First pics though, thanks AmpNerd


Of course you can just get the JJ and not use one pin.I have had tremendously good luck with JJ's.

Those AES caps look like caps I've used that are made in Canada with a sticker stuck onto the body of the can.I have a few of those cans lying around,but they haven't been made here in years.I can't see why they would take a chance selling sub-standard products and hope to keep in business.It may be a quality control issue if they are made overseas.

Steve Dallas

I used one of those in a Princeton repair. It worked for about 3 months, then blew up and took the rectifier with it. After that, I googled it and found other people were experiencing about a 50% failure rate with them. I switched to the JJ cans after that and have never had a problem with one.

But I normally use F&T wherever I can cuz I like the pretty blue color. When I need a 40/20/20/20, there is only one choice though.


Those AES caps look like caps I've used that are made in Canada with a sticker stuck onto the body of the can.
CE bought the machines from Mallory that they used to use back in the day to build these caps, and builds these caps themselves. Just goes to show you that it's not all in the machines used.

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