Pics: Gigliotti GS & GT


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I just got these NAMM show Gigliottis on Friday and they are unbelievable. I have an Esquire too I gigged with Friday night so it wasn't here for the outside pictures. Patrick really builds a great guitar!!


todd richman

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You sir Wes have got to adopt me so I can play those axes and the Trusasart museum you have and the Crooks and the...yikes, I want your collection!!

The Pup

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My normally guitar-oblivious wife stopped in her tracks and took notice ("how pretty") that's an endorsement!

dobro man

A Strat with a F hole, now thats new for Patrick.

The green one is a really different colour, very cool. Seen that on the website I think.


Congrats and enjoy! I will have a Gigliotti one day. If it's good enough for Joe B. it's good enough for me.:banana


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Wow... :eek:

Talk about eye popping!

Great Stage Candy too!

Hope you got amps that can handle those beauties.

Congrats on living the good life!


dobro man

These guitars are expensive, but once you have played one (or a nice Trussart for that matter) playing a Fender Strat or Tele isn't quite the same anymore..

They are quite superb in what they do and how they look....


dobro man

The Trussarts such as the Steelcaster have a bit more of a metallic ring to them and feedback earlier if you dont have a holey one.

Neck profile perhaps a little different but they are both great playing guitars.


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I love your Caramel Burst finish. I just changed my Esquire being built to that color. And I agree with you on the Trussart comparison.

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