FSOT Pine Telecaster - Very Light Weight - Firebird Neck Pickup - Natural Finish

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    I put this guitar together a couple years ago. I go through periods of a love/hate relationship with Telecasters (I know, sacrilegious, different topic) and periodically buy or build myself one to only burn out and sell or trade it.

    This is the current one. I finished the 2 piece body myself with True Oil. It isn't a perfect finish but is pretty nice and fitting for the pine to show through. The finish feel is pretty good, around 15 coats when I did it. Neck is an Allparts if I remember right, medium size with a 9.5 radius I think. Graph Tech Nubone Tusq nut. Classic style tuners. Neck plays nice, has a very small shim in the neck pocket. I will look to see if I can find the specs for it.

    The bridge pickup is a Fender American Vintage '62 pickup and a Fender Pat Pend stamped chrome bridge plate. The neck is a no name, made in Japan Firebird mini hum that I found in my parts drawer and installed there. It works well with the bridge. I wired it all up with cloth push back wire and it is a pretty clean job. I have an extra, black, esquire guard that I will include if you want to go that route. I originally had it as a one pickup direct to a volume control.

    The guitar is super light, probably around 7 pounds or less. I will get some additional pictures and a weight tonight. But, wanted to get this out there to see interest.

    $550 picked up in NJ (07834). It is currently in a soft case.

    Would love to meet someone so they could see before buying. Would consider shipping at buyers expense.

    Don't really need anything now, but if you had a cool trade, give me a try, the worst I can say is no.

    Here is a couple pictures for now. I will get more later but this gives a good idea of what it is.

    Here it was without a neck pickup when I first finished it:



    Here it is after I added the neck pickup:

    When I wired up the Mini Hum, here was the control plate:
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