Pinnacle/Brownie/Crunchbox with EQ

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    Dec 3, 2014
    Has anyone else found success with running an EQ into these pedals or other pedals of the "brown sound" variety to give them a more present tone? I'm running them into an Egnater Tweaker 40 head and 1x12 cab with a Vintage 30 and had a horrible time pulling them out of the mud so to speak. Using the amp's bright switch made them raspy as did winding up the pedal's tone controls too much. I have the Crunchbox's internal presence dial way up and I clipped both of the Brownie's low pass filters out of the circuit. The Pinnacle was the worst of the 3 as it was uselessly muddy without the tone control nearly dimed and then it sounded unnatural.

    Enter the MXR 10-band EQ pedal...

    Placed before each of these pedals, they've finally come to life. A slight dip in the lowest frequencies and boosting the **** out of the 1k, 2k &4k frequencies gives them the presence they're missing in stock form. The Brownie in particular with the EQ absolutely nails early VH. But that is with the two low-pass filters clipped (I found the stock Brownie uselessly dark and distant sounding).

    Problem is, this tonal improvement comes at the expense of a SHITLOAD of noise! Is this a notoriously noisy EQ? Any suggestions for a better one? Also, any suggestions for a better EQ for running into pedals from a tonal standpoint?

    I've never liked using outboard EQ before but the change it made to my pedals was the difference between selling and keeping them.

    Try it!
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    Try to use the eq to cut the frequencies you don't want rather than boosting anything. Should have a similar effect without the noise.

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