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Pinnacle vs Model H


Anyone compared the two of these? The newest 4 knob Bearfoot Model H and the single pedal-sized Pinnacle.

I own the Pinnacle and it sounds great, it's just not very open sounding and lacks a bit in the bottom end. I've heard the Model H is very open and uncompressed. What are your thoughts?

I need a higher gain box, with a very tight, but full bottom end. But I'd like it to be open with a good control for the midrange (in case I need a pushed midrange sound)

The pinnacle doesn't sound incredibly amp-like to me. Feels a lot like a dirt box instead of a dirty amp. How does the Model H do in regards to this?


Tweed Tube Tone Purist
What are the differences tonally, to you?
Mostly midrange character. The pinnacle had more, the H less and more balanced.
The H is pretty bitey no matter what, and more modern and hifi sounding.
You can make the pinnacle sound more vintage sounding if you want cuz of the mode switches.


Think of the Model H as a heritage to a Hiwatt with lots of headroom. The 4H is awesome because you can add in some treble which basically pushes the gain without getting fizzy.

The Pinnacle, on the other hand, is a raging Marshall sound. Not bashful with the upper mids, and more biting in its saturation. Me personally, I have the Model 4H on my board. And while I haven't tried the Pinnacle, I've tried the Plextortion, and the Pinnacle sounds a little more like a JCM-esque head. The Plextortion, to me, sounded like a JTM45 on the verge of explosion.

So, they're a bit different of a flavor. The Pinnacle is that 'brown' sound, in-your-face mids kind of pedal. The Model H is a more uncompressed, modern crunch sound. Both solid pedals - the Model H is just more for me.

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