Pioneer SX-1080 in da house and hooked up finally


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I've had this receiver in my house for probably going on 6 years now. I needed a cable snake to hook it up to the patch bay on my desk, the receiver sits atop a stereo cabinet next to the desk. It is too large to fit inside the cabinet and a wee bit too heavy to even think about trying to shoe horn it in anyway. Weighs about as much as a 50 watt Marshall head.

I got the cable on Thursday afternoon. I was psyched and wondered to myself when would I get around to actually installing it.

Well, my old Sansui receiver decided that for me. On the very day the cable arrived to install its successor, the old workhorse gave up the ghost.

Now the old receiver wasn't exactly a slouch. It sounded fantastic with the Advent speakers I got about a year after I got the Pioneer. Those speakers are incredible. Then I hooked up the Pioneer today.

Right now Pete is doing a pick slide in the Live At Leeds' version of "Magic Bus" Moony sounds fantastic. The sound of the reverb of the venue is so vivid. I had put the Genius shuffle on my iTunes and have been rewarded with an outstanding setlist so far. It is hard to overstate how much difference a receiver can make.

Right now Bill Wyman is laying down the bass lines for "Midnight Rambler" by the Stones with an authoritative bottom that isn't even that loud and still quite noticeable. The clarity is astounding.

This is making me wonder what an old tube driven MacIntosh system would sound like?


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I remember those Pioneers vividly. They were beasts and sounded really good.

John(aka: Moby Dick)

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Good for you!

I pick up an sx 880 and a pair of
CS 77s tomorrow.

Live at Leeds and ya ya's will be among the first played as well.
Can't wait

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