Pitch Shifter in a small box?

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  1. billyg121

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    Mar 7, 2007
    hey guys..just about the only thing i dont have on my board that i want is a pitch shifter. i was thinking about buying a ps-5, when i saw the pic in the namm thread of the mini pitchshifter by mooen effects(iirc).ive never heard of these guys..but i would love to have a box like this. just a simple dial for pitch shift and maybe a mix knob. anybody know if their are any other companies that make such a thing?
  2. crawz

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Snowden, WA
    If all you need is micro pitch detune then the Neunaber Chroma is a fine option. No, you can't do any intervals with it. But for detune/ widening/ thickening the Chroma is great.... this, even though it's marketed as a chorus. At the extreme bottom of the depth control it's a doubler and conversely at the very top of the depth it's trebling. This would also be available to you if you got a Stereo WET... as that pedal allows for upgradability with different takes on the algorithm. Switching over to turn it into the Chroma platform is one of these options. In terms of a full/ any interval pitch shifter... nothing comes to mind that's decent in a small WET sized form factor. Maybe this was zero help, but 'A' for effort here.

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