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Pitch Shifter - Octave Harmonizer???


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Probably a silly question, but what is the difference? I had a Boss HR2, but sold it and bought a used PS-6. In between, I bought a Mooer Pitch Box, and the pitch shift on that just dropped you up or down a step or so...as in, if I wanted to play some Jimi or Stevie, I could just drop the guitar down a half step and go with it. Last night I tried the pitch shift on the PS-6, and it sounded just like the major/minor key harmonizer. I don't get what the difference is. :bonk

The Flint

With harmonizer there's basic note+octave up (or down)
When you're using pitch shifter he shift your basic note to Octave up or so.
Conclusion: with harmonizer there's two voices at the sme time and with shifter there's only one witch you shifting up or down.
With PS6 (smart harmonizer) you can select minor or major key but with whammy that's not option.
My advice is to watch more demo's on YT about PS6 to learn more...
Sorry for my bad english,I hope this will help you ;)

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