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Pitcher 12 String Electric

Posted this a couple weeks back in Guitars In General, but the pace of things there is such that this didn't get much attention. I figured y'all with a more small-builder inclination might be interested.

This is my second Pitcher. My first came to me through a bizarre, wonderful set of incredible circumstances, a story for another time.

A year later, I mentioned how hard it is to find a decent 12 string electric that isn't a Ric. Those are great, but not quite what I was looking for... A few conversations, a few glasses of whisky, and a few months later, and now I have it. Alder body, Lollar minihumbuckers, mahogany neck w/ rosewood fretboard, clay dots. 6 strings through the body, 6 strings toploading. Glendale groovy saddles.

Strings on this are a set of Pyramids.


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