Pitchfactor opinions?


I am wanting to replace my micro pog with a pitchfactor. but am not sure how well the pitchfactor tracks chords and there are not any stores near me who seem to have a pitchfactor in stock for me to try. I am looking to make ambient dreamy drone music.

I also already have the other two factor pedals and love them to death, so i am somewhat familiar with the pedal interface/layout


Hi THiwaTT,

I have all 3 Factor boxes and sold my original POG to fund the PitchFactor when I pre-ordered it.

I LOVE the other Eventide boxes too, but for me the PF and the POG are very different boxes and although on paper the PF should do what the POG can do and then some, it just does not sound the same...you do not get that POG mojo, if you get me?

I was going to buy a MicroPOG but the POG2 had just been announced, so I got a POG2 and do not regret it at all.

I guess it depends on what you want to get out of the PF, but I could not get that organ sound out of the PF.

I am not planning on getting rid of either they both have their own thing going on.

Hope that helps



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