Placid Audio Resonator A & B

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    Dec 21, 2017
    I got a pair of the early Resonator A and the Resonator B from Placid
    Audio. Let me tell you, these things ROCK! I use them for everything
    from adding character and tone to vocals and instruments to blending with
    full range mics, and adding effects for film work. Where I find these
    really shine, and I use them a LOT, is on guitar cabs.

    The lo-fi mic sounds you get off these is incredible. I really dig
    blending tones with a reversed polarity, sounds crazy but it works
    wonders. I personally like the B, as it seems to fit more naturally on
    just about everything. But the A, man, when it works nothing else get's
    that sound.

    The vintage character these mics impart on the signal is unbelievable, and
    I love the retro style and aesthetic. Plus, they are extremely rugged
    handcrafted microphones! These things make such a difference that I
    usually hook one up even when I think I for sure won't use it...because
    they keep proving me wrong.

    Check out the sound samples for yourself. I have several Placid Audio
    microphones, and I love every single one of them.
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