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Plate, Room or Spring Reverb for your amp?


If you have a digital reverb unit with different kinds of reverb, which kind do you prefer for your guitar tone, and why?

  • Plate reverb?
  • Room reverb?
  • Spring reverb?
  • Other (what)?

Just curious to hear what people go for!


I usually keep my Hall Of Fame on Room With A View (subte mod). I have a FRV-1 that I use for Spring. But Spring by nature a lot of the time is too trebly for me. Sounds right on surf guitar of course, but I tend to get fussy about the nuances. I guess Church would go in the other (what) section for me, because I love it. Plate I just never have dug, don't know why. Room is kind of my end all be all, slight decay for most stuff and crank the decay when I go ambient and pretend I'm making movie soundtracks in my room lol.


I use the Room setting on my HoF the most as an always on kind of thing. I can set it pretty subtle and it doesn't get in the way of my guitar tone.

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