Played a Rick 360 at Chicago Music Exchange...

I'm visiting my older brother in Chicago, so we headed over to CME, and first of all, let me just say... it was incredible! The staff is amazing, the gear selection is UNREAL.

Now then, to the guit-

I had never, oddly, played a Ric. I lived in NYC for two years, but never tried one out. I'd heard they have skinnier necks, which for a guy with tiny hands like me, sounded totally ideal. And ideal it is! I know what I'm picking up next, officially. I'm going to start saving immediately and get one used, I suspect, in Jetglo. Ric tone is just unbelievable! The cleans were perfect, and the dirt was a true delight. One more convert to the Ric side of the fence!


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Check out NorthCoast music in Wisconsin when you decide to buy. I bought a 360/6, and my dad bought a 660/12 from Gary last year, and zero complaints.
He doesn't seem to have any 360/6s in stock right now, but he seems to get new Ric stuff in pretty often.
Wildwood always has a great Ric selection too:

Also check out the Amber Fireglo if you have a chance. It was a limited edition color 2 years ago, and it might be hard to snag one, but it looks amazing.
Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely save all that info. Man, those 660's look appealing... I smell a new money pit forming underfoot!!


I have two 330's, a six and a twelve. Both are fantastic. You can't go wrong with a Rick.


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man i really really wish i could love a Ric, but my hands and those necks just don't get along. gorgeous guitars tho with a distinctive sound all their own!
Yes, Ricks are incredible and CME is incredibly impressive. I went up there for a concert a couple years back and had to go visit. It was unreal. A wall of Ricks, a wall of Gibson hollow bodies, a huge long wall of Fenders, tons of Rick and Hofner basses and beautiful vintage amps strung all along the place. Their prices are high, and I've heard some not great stories about the owner, but it is a very impressive place.

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