Players that stick with one guitar?


I play three different guitars every gig. A semi hollow in open A tuning for slide, a hollowbody P90 for finger picking, a Gibson Les Paul Special for fuzzy rock songs. I often wonder if a semi hollow with P90s could replace the last two though.


I own several different types but it's really for my studio. I like the variety I can get while tracking simply by swapping guitars. For live, give me a Tele, set another Tele backstage in case I break a string. That's all I need.


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I like variety. I'll take a different guitar (and amp) to a gig with a different group, but I rarely take more than one electric (and never more than one amp!) to a gig.

Acoustic is different due to tunings, may take two acoustics and perhaps a weissenborn to an acoustic gig.
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Few things are worse, in a band situation, than a bandmate that brings different gear to every rehearsal or show and spends their time tweaking the new gear to sound like the old gear.

For me gigging with familiar gear takes a lot of guesswork away - and experimentation is more apparent in the studio.

What about band mates like me who play a different guitar every show but never adjust a single pedal or amp knob to compensate? :D

…To be fair, if I had my life to do over again I’d love to have just one special guitar, Snowy White style :)


I'm definitely a one guitar guy, but I love Tele's and semi-hollows equally, so it ends up being half the year with one and half with the other. lol

Gotta have a couple of each though, in case one is in the shop. But I definitely have my main one of each, so it's usually just one at a time..

I have 4 guitars a Jazzmaster, Casino, Les Paul Jr and SG. I seem to play one for a few weeks then pick up a new one and play it for a fews week, like a rotation.


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I have finally reached simple mode. I am down to 3 guitars, 2 amps and 1 bass. Besides I was pleasantly surprised at how much GC gave for my guitar today. Shocked actually. So yeah, I'm feeling happy.


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I think if I only played one genre and only had one sound that would make sense. I liked the Valentine enough to buy it twice and they're my two #1s but I pretty regularly have other stuff in the mix as well if the music works better with them.


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So, HsH, 5way plus coil cut and blower switch, right?
One of the widest, practical, tonal ranges that I know about.
How many tone configurations did you employ?

Yeah I use it all - it’s the GG (I think?) 5-way configuration, so:

1. Bridge (regular series humbucker)
2. Bridge split plus middle
3. Bridge split plus neck split
4. Neck split plus middle
5. Neck (regular series humbucker)

Position 2 I use for twangy/biting single coil-ish tones, like where I’d use a tele bridge pup or position 2 on a strat. Position 4 is my fav clean/neck tone. Position 3 is probably least used, mostly for clean tones where I want less ‘character’ than positions 2 or 4. Positions 1 and 5 are what I use instead of a Les Paul (my Modern is mahogany, so perhaps a bit closer to an LP than a typical superstrat?). Tone control gets rolled back usually only for that ‘neck humbucker with tone rolled back’ sound. So versatile, and none of the tones are a compromise.

The blower I thought I wouldn’t use much, but turns out I was wrong - it’s awesome, especially since there is only one volume control (which I may have rolled back in position 4 for a rhythm tone, then hit blower for full open bridge pup for solo).

I have a tremol-no which I lock when I need drop D, otherwise it’s floating (I use it for vibrato, so I like it to be able to go up and down).

The only thing is that with the flame maple top and charcoal burst it has a very flashy modern vibe, and it’s 24 fret, so I’m thinking of doing a more classic/vintage looking tele but with similar versatility for gigs where that makes more sense. Perhaps a Suhr with 22 frets and 2 thornbuckers (similar to Andy Wood configuration), but still with the floating Gotoh and tremol-no.



Few things are worse, in a band situation, than a bandmate that brings different gear to every rehearsal or show and spends their time tweaking the new gear to sound like the old gear.

For me gigging with familiar gear takes a lot of guesswork away - and experimentation is more apparent in the studio.
Thats a fantastic point, and I go out of my way to demonstrate why, through my three guitars, 3 vastly different amps, and like 12 pedals, I can record 5 different guitar tracks on one song and it sounds like 5 distinct voices in the mix, assuming the song is benefitted by that. If i start seeing that im adjusting all my gear to the same sound Ill intentionally ruin it so I dont pen myself in one box


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I greatly prefer to play one guitar all night. I generally only use a different axe during the gig if the artist I'm playing with requests it, or I know would appreciate it the other instrument for a different tune.

I prefer to keep it to one instrument because it limits the variables. I have a hard enough time just playing guitar and not missing my pedal switches, needing to remember I'm not playing my Strat anymore and my pickup selector is on the other side of the guitar, oh and I also have four knobs to deal with... It's just something I'd rather avoid.


I heard they're allowed to have up to 4 guitars in some places. Crazy!

No racism here. My ancestors are arabs. Fwiw, I own 7 guitars and a bass. :rotflmao


This is a hard one. I have about 40 guitars. I usually bring 3 guitars to each gig. 2 are guitars I have played with the band before and the 3rd is an experimental guitar.

I almost always use two amps. A tweed amp and a black face amp. Sometimes I use a Vox instead of a BF Fender. I have several different amps and try to match the size of the amp to the size of the room.

Using different gear does cause problems from time to time. It also causes issues with band mates from time to time. But it keeps me excited and wanting to gig. So I can see both sides of the argument. Even though i use different gear, I do try to keep my sound realtively the same so the overall bands tone doesn't drastically change that much from night to night.


Eh it depends on the gig, I’ve played a bunch of my different guitars in various gigs over the years but was because they fit the style best. I do prefer to play the same guitar all night unless there is a tuning change or string breaks etc. though.


I wouldn’t want to… I’d rather do the opposite and play a different guitar at every gig if that was possible.
Does it count if you have only one guitar and one bass? If so, then I guess I can also stick with just one guitar)))

My Fender AmO 50's strat (all stock except SS frets) straight into a high gain amp:

And a headless Ibby bass (stock SS frets):

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