Please advise entry level computer


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No man...the base one is 500. The 700 dollar one is Good Enough To Record With.
I just looked at the $700 one on Apple's store. You could record on it.
You will hate yourself doing it. At least they upgraded the hard drive to a whopping 5600 RPM.
Mine is a late 2016 and it came with a 4200 Also the 8 gb of ram is barely enough but I found out after I bought mine that you cannot upgrade the newer mac minis ram.
Mine with the SSD runs reasonably well. but it should for a grand. I guess that is just fine with the apple crowd. I have PC's that I've built that run smoke rings around that thing for $500. M.3 drives and everything.
I knew the apple fan boys would take this over.
I too have an apple computer running $200 version of logic.
It isn't anything special. It can't be the future, it's already here and been here for years.
Just had my first i7 7700k pc built with Thunderbolt 3.
NOT Apple.

I learned my lesson after buying an fx and watching it become obsolete within a year.
And until recently I was convinced I would need to bite the Apple to get Thunderbolt.


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I own plenty of Apple products. The do a fine enough job. The rest is myth and marketing and lot's of money.


I purchased music software before buying a computer. The software lists the minimum requirements to run the software. Mind you, if you run a DAW with plugins you will need more than the basic requirements.

I have Sonar and Ableton Live. Sonar is a solid DAW that is great with midi. More of a traditional linear multitrack approach. Editing is good.

With that said, ableton live 8 was a gamechanger for me. It did everything i did in sonar, and way more. It's ability to synch midi to audio, IMO, is unrivaled.

So it comes down to how you plan to use your DAW. Straight band recording/overdubbing + midi overdub, sonar is rock solid.

Recording a band + synching audio/audio loops, midi sequenced drums, midi synth loops or overdubs, all on the fly.... then go with Ableton Live.

I would also recommend a soundwave editor. I didn't think it would be needed in addition to a DAW, but IMO it is essential in my workflow. Sony Soundforge is great (or whatever it is called now).

Lastly, stock your computer with RAM, RAM, and more RAM :)