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Please check out my band's single!

Hey yall, if its against the rules/frowned upon to blatantly ask for opinions on of my band like this, please let me know! And will definitely be more than happy to take this thread down. But I am really looking for opinions on my band's single that we just finished up. Indie/Pop/Alternative just so yall know


Thanks in advance!


My first impression was KILLERS.

Drummer sounds like he's all over the place with timing and too busy.

I like the counter melody in the second verse.

I like the piano/keys and synth melody.

I can't understand the lyrics in a lot of it.

Vocals sound buried and distant sometimes.

All in all though I like it.

Would like to know what was used to record with, home studio, pro studio, mics, etc...
Hey man, thanks for taking the time to listen and voice your opinions!

Thats cool that the Killers were your first impression though, bc while I am a fan of their singles I hear on the radio, I'm not like a die hard fan or anything and I know no one else in the band listens to them lol.

I will try to inform you as much as I can in regards to studio techniques, but my recording knowledge is very limited :/

We recorded at a guy's studio here in town (Waco, Tx). It was all very professional though and used pro tools. Recording is how this guy makes a living. The stuff I know the most about is obviously guitar (which is my role in the band). I play a strat through a HRDlx, and we used one close mic (I don't know what specific mic, but it was right up against the grill cloth) and one mic ~5 ft away (again, sorry but don't know what model, but I definitely it was a condenser mic). Then I recorded the whole track again with a cool Vox guitar (not an amp but guitar lol) into a Blackstar ht-5 that went direct out to the board.

If you have any more specific questions please let me know! And again thanks so much for taking the time to listen
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