Please explain the pluses of handwired amps

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I think this all bullsheep. There are different ways to build amps and I'd be more concerned with WHO is making it than HOW it is made.

My Soldano SLO is 17 years old and has never had one problem.
Yes, but the minute it turns 18 and moves out, it will go on a wild binge and is likely to get into serious trouble. (See also, catholic school syndrome.)


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Sorry, but I am not buying the "ptp is more serviceable" argument. If that is true, it is because that PTP amp is a simpler design ...which is what makes it more easily serviced.

But take a well-designed PCB amp and you not only have a very reliable amp from the get go, but also one that can be readily serviced. Contrast that to a PTP amp that is not well conceived or well-exectuted that is not a pretty sight, especially if you're the one who has the soldering iron in hand.



Go to the Bogner web site ( ) and click the FAQ link. On that page there is a great article written by Andy Marshall of THD with a little additional commentary at teh top by Reinhold. It goes to great lengths to espouse the virtues of PCB construction. But it also highlights the typoes of PCB construction that are actually superior to hand wiring and details why. So if your amp does not follow those design/implementation paradigms then it may not be superior.

Of course, opinions will vary. I personally have a bunch of vintage hand wired amps and several hand wired Buddas. I have owned several Bogners and had my music not shifted away from teh tones they provide I'd still be playing them. They are amazing and toneful amps. I am leaning towards buying another Ecstacy as it did things no other amp I've owned could do. (By the way, the Blue channel in Plexi mode really outshone my early '70 Marshall head. That's why I want another ;-)

Good stuff in this thread so far. I'm sure this point has been debated previously and to great lengths.

another +1 on the link on the bogner site to the andy marshall article.

look, a great amp builder can probably do it both ways. i'm less concerned with how an amp is built than what it sounds like and how reliable it is. i don't ask a chef where he got his ingredients or how he cooked it, and likewise i kinda don't care what an amp builder does to get it there.

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In all honesty I think PTP amps seem to have more character...if that makes sense....its all about subtleties...some people don't/can't even notice them...I'm also a diehard vintage I'm probably just 'biased'..ha....


The list of PCB amps, even the nice top end ones people have been praising in this tread have confirmed to me that I don't really like the sound of them.

I go for the vintage PTP gear every time.


Have you ever seen an amp wired by foot? By elbow???

If you did, you would know why a hand-wired amp is so much more desirable!


Good point well made.

Actually, my amp tech didn't comment about tone but he simply said tht amps made with circuit board have a limited life. He says they are throwaways. Who knows.


The guy who makes Ugly Amps has hand wired and PCB versions of his 18 watter.
The amps were reviewed in Premiere Guitar a couple months ago and the builder commented that grounding was better in the PCB model because it was "baked in the bread", to use his analogy.


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I think the term PTP is misunderstood. True PTP looks kind of messy really from my understanding. Something along the lines of whats pictured below. Bob