Please guys help me get a second cab for mini mark v


Ok so i have a mini mark with a mini rec cab. But i want to get a second cab to leave at my uncle's place where i usually jam everyweek. I don't want to spend a fortune but at the same time i want to buy something that will last and could later use with other amps. So here is what i can get near me. The prices are all in canadian $

Avatar 2x12 contemporary vertical oval open back with vintage 30.
Used 450$

Bogner cube dual ported. Unloaded 300$ used. Plus 100$ for the wgs veteran 30.

a shur/dumble style 1x12 cab custom built with a wgs veteran 30. New 400$

There is also a two rock vertical 2x12 with oval open back for around 400$. But i would have to change both speaker

So i can't try the bogner since it's unloaded. So any of you guys have some of these cabs ? Anybody tried it with a mini mark. For 450$ the avatar cab seem like a good deal. The bogner seemed good for portability but its not really smaller than my mini rec cab. But it's suppose to sound great with the mini mark
Let me know what you guys think
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snow and steel

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I had and played an avatar 2X12, Avatar 1X12, and now the Mesa mini rec cab [all three had vintage 30's] - the avatars were made very well, but there is no doubt that the actual mini rec cab is not only sized proportionally correct for the sound of the amp, but also sounds the absolute best of the three.

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