PLEASE HELP!!! Im a rookie i know hahaha

Anyways. Sooo I have all these ideas and i need to record. I want decent stuff. Demo worth atleast. So what do i need to get. like this was my plan.


about atleast 8 to 16 input mixer
A two input preamp TUBE. (how much better does that make it sound)?
Either a mini mac thing are A cheap dell because im not going to be useing any other programs. (with alot of memory) And will i need to ungrade the sound card.
Something like protools and reason.
I have a mic to start out with I know what to get soooo I have A (E609) senhiser.
Is that a good setup up



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If you want a bare-bones Pro Tools setup, go with the MBox. You'll be able to use either a Mac or a PC with no problem and your mic will plug right in to the MBox interface. No cards to install - just be SURE whatever computer you get meets (or preferably exceeds) the operating requirements for the MBox.

You don't need a mixer. I did an entire album in Pro Tools without a mixer. With Pro Tools at the 'demo' level the only reason to have a mixer is to get the preamps; since the MBox only has 2 inputs and built-in preamps, you wouldn't need a mixer with the MBox. I use the Digi001 interface and haven't needed a mixer in over 3 years.

You also don't NEED a tube preamp. Unless you're willing to shell out a grand or more, anything 'tube' you'd be getting isn't going to be better than solid-state. The MBox preamps are made by Focusrite, one of the best in the pre business.

I think the 609 is a great mic for guitar especially, and use them myself for that purpose. I also use one live for vocals, so you could probably use it for that for a demo as well with good results.



I use the Mbox/ProTools... never looked back!

I used to have Logic Audio Platinum and Cubase SX... don't miss them!
But i would like to record drums. because i can get ahold of nice mics and a nice set.

Honestly I dont want an m box. Just becasue after awhile i would like to have way better than demo quality gear. And can you record drums on an mbox. I pretty sure no. I mean realy dont know what im talking about. But i did see this cool thing

The firepod i think and made by prosounus are whatever it cought my eye. Because it looks like you can do everything on it. A biger mbox I guess hahaha. BUt can you use protools are any other program with it other than the one it comes with.Tell me how that is.

BUt see i just got a TOP HAT AMP. And i wont nice traks for it. U2 quality hahaha. IM sooo stupid.

Ok another queastion. When people record drums do they use preamps are compressors are whatever.

Ok finnally if i totally of trak here is what i want to record you tell me what i need.

KEyboard/ Piano


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A question you need to ask yourself is how many simultaneous
tracks you feel you may have a need to record. If it is just you
and your guitar/voice/bass/drum machine, etc., you may be
able to get away with a simple 2-channel interface like a MBOX
or equivalent. If you're interested in tracking drumkits, you
may need more simultaneous inputs.

Are you planning on using your computer for all of the tracking
as well as the editing/mixing? There are many stand-alone
units that you can track to easily and move the tracks into
a computer for editing later.

Most folks don't track more than 8-channels at a time onto
their computer. Me, I use 8-tracks just for a drum kit. Throw
in a scratch vocal or guitar track when getting drums down and
you're over the limit of most DAW systems and the price is going
up. But less than 8 may be fine for you, and that leaves many
more possibilities.

Many folks have their fave amongst the various editing programs
out there (PT, Cubase, Nuendo, etc.). The PT stuff generally
requires a DigiDesign interface to track to it, though I believe
you can mix in PT if you've tracked other software (I'm not a PT
user... anyone?). Most of the others will accept most any
external interface. They simply look on your computer for a list
of available audio I/O devices. You don't necessarily have to use
the (usually LE) version of whatever recording software came
packaged with the interface.

As for drum micing... you need a preamp of some kind for the
mics. The interface you buy may have some on it (usually
not 8 of 'em unless you spend some bucks). You'll need
external mic pre's then perhaps, or if you use a mixer,
it'll have pre's built in. Then you have to get the individual
mic channels from the mixer onto their own tracks in your DAW.

I generally put a compressor on the kick and snare.

That last one was a little confuseing. Whats DAW?

Anyways Im going to be doing this all on the same computer.

Can a mac mini hold up this by the way. (im only useing the computer i get for just recoreding nothing eles)

I will have. I wont have many tracks.

1 for drums.

1 to 3 for guitar.

1 to 2 for vocals.

1 for bass

1 to 2 for keyboards

LIke this language is realy confussing.

BUt agian the thing that caught my eye was the FIREPOD. But i think you can only use it with the software they give you. IS that true.

Now if i get a dell computer i know ill probally have to upgrade the sound card and have more harddrive. BUt i was wondering about the mac mini. PLEASE HELP GOD BLESS

Cody McLain

I would suggest that you use the search function up top and read through some old posts on here over these topics. I did that a while back when I was getting into the same thing and there are way too many questions you need to consider, IMHO.

Just my opinion, but I would do some researching before you decide. From what I've learned, the Mac Mini is not ideal for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) because of limited memory available, etc. This exact topic was covered in an old post on here a while back. You could probably do some stuff with one, but you would probably run into a wall really quickly.

Look on this site for some great articles on getting into this stuff ( Read through the "Guide" first. Lots of good info.
hahaha thanks for the help ill look at the old post. But ive been to that website sooo many times. And its sooo cunfusing. thank you thought. Sooo im still confused about a DAW. Is like a computer anyways god bless


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Sorry Dan! I, like many others around here, drop into the
acronyms that we all know for the stuff in which we have
interest. I don't know what half of them are either, just the
ones in my area of experience. Yeah, DAW is Digital Audio Workstation. It generaly refers to the "whole digital package":
computer, software, and audio I/O (input/output) interfaces.

These things could be separates, like your Mac, you fave
software, and your MBOX (interface). Or an all-in-one
package like some of the Roland or Tascam units, which have
basically a mixer (which is like your interface), a hard drive,
an operating system (basically it's own computer inside),
some internal "firmware" (hard-programmed software) a
CD burner, etc.

There are some really nice all-in-one units. Pros: all in one,
generally easy to use. Cons: you don't get to pick your
software of choice for them, they have their own internal
system. Hard for them to grow with changing times.

The individual component systems are more flexible, can be
added onto, run all kinds of software (your computer), etc.
Cons are that getting things to work together can sometimes
be a headache. Things are finicky, etc. Also, these become
obsolete too. You have to keep purchasing upgrades for
software, etc. You also don't have actual sliders and knobs on
many of them, which are nice when mixing music. THere are
all kinds of workarounds, control surfaces that look like real
mixers, etc but control digital functions in the computer, etc.
but then things start to get pricey as well.

So: Couple things that would help us help you:

a) what do you want to do? What is your recording goal?
How many mics do you need to have active at one time?
Like, will you be tracking multiple instruments at once (horn
sections or a few buddies, all on their own track, drums)?

b) what's your budget?

c) how savvy with computers and gear are you in general.
Not a slam at all, but we don't want to suggest things that get
you in over your head, nor do we want to talk down so that
we're insulting you.

Happy to help out, and no problem saying you don't understand
what we just said... I'll try to be more detailed if I need to be.

I agree, a lot of those sites can be overwhelming, and I've seen
stuff on them that I just simply don't agree with.

To start out im a Junior in hight school. Playing guitar sence i was 4 or 5. Going to write music for the rest of my life. No doubt what god wants.

IM not very computer savy. But have plenty of friends who are. I have a friend has a real NICE recording studio. Built from the ground up. Sooo need help once i get the stuff no prob. LEts put it this way though i have no clue what i need in the computer just to record. AND I ALSO DONT WANT A WORKSTATION.

But heres what im going to be doing.

I will not record anything like were there is mulitpl instruments at once. LIke a horn section. Are a band all together. ALLL SEPRATE TRACKS

AT MOST FOR DRUMS. 8 mics maybe not even.

MOst of the time 1 to 3.

I do alot of guitar and piano and vocals.

But i mean i want drums and bass in there.

I know what mics i need i already have the Senhiser e609.

I dont have a computer to run this on yet. But the computer I get will ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! be used for recoreding editing the such.

My buget is under 1000. I have the instruments. Sooo.
If i cant do drums for unger A GRand ill probally just get good at fruitty loops are reason are something. BUt i would realy realy realy like to record drumsets.

My style of write is very melodic rock u2 and coldplay i guess to name secular bands my write sounds like. I LOVE THAT EDGE. ANYWAYS



<<A two input preamp TUBE. (how much better does that make it sound)?<<

The answer is, the fact that a tube is in a piece of gear does not make it sound better at all.

First, tube mic preamps can be clean as a whistle and comparable to solid state in terms of warmth and cleanliness. Or they can be very colored and some are downright grungy.

But...and it's a big but...any tube preamp worth owning is going to exceed your whole budget.

A high end tube unit can be wonderful. The low end ones are often junk with a single tube to hype the unit as "tube".

Some of the most sought after vintage gear in the world, like the Neve mic preamps that go used for around 3 to 7 grand for a single channel, are all solid state.

The place to begin your rig is - hold onto your shorts - a book. Get a good book on putting together a studio rig. There are many, written in many styles from simple to technical. There IS a lot to learn, and your local retailer is NOT the place to learn it.

Once you get your basic info together, then start looking. Get gear you like. Don't worry about what everyone else says.

Well, except you should definitely do what I say. ;)
I have a couple books and stuff . I would just like to know whats legit. I mean im not ragin on the idea of geting a book. But i have THE GUITARS COMPLETE STUDIO GUIDE. And its ok but no book is going to tell you whatsup on the gear.

I have a few. Already. BUT LIKE i said i wanted to hear from experience. thanks for you help. but my question still sits.

Can i do this for under a GRAND. I LOVE THIS FOURM THOUGH. GOD BLESS

BUt what i ment was how much better does the preamp make it sound. I guess i most of hyped up the tube a little bit. IM A GUITAR PLAYER SOOOO. AND I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO RECORD.

I have a couple books and stuff . I would just like to know whats legit. I mean im not ragin on the idea of geting a book. But i have THE GUITARS COMPLETE STUDIO GUIDE. And its ok but no book is going to tell you whatsup on the gear.

I have a few. Already. BUT LIKE i said i wanted to hear from experience. thanks for you help. but my question still sits.

Can i do this for under a GRAND. I LOVE THIS FOURM THOUGH. GOD BLESS


Hey man!
Get a 2 channel tube pre like a presonus 99.00 on sale...It gives you more input, and defines the sound, enough to please the desciminating newbie like myself...I did not want to believe it until I tried it...and that was back in a day when a solid state pre was all I could afford. Don't have to spend a bunch, until someday when that hit single makes the charts!
For now, baby steps...:cool:


Not meaning to hijack your thread- maybe you can get a little help out of what I'm about to ask anyway.

The M-box and the Echo Gina seem to be fairly similar units: except that the M-box has pro tools and plugs into the USB, and the Echo Gina has you install cards into the computer and includes Tracktion.

Now, I am unfamiliar with either piece of software (or home recording in general), but can anyone compare and contrast? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but according to the tweak headz link, using a PCI is superior to the USB. Can anyone comment on whether or not this is the case? I doubt I'd be doing any recording other than guitar, and the occasion bass, vocals, or keyboard/synth. Mostly guitar though.

Guitarplayerdan- I'm curious, if your friend has a serious studio, why not take advantage of it? You could at least just record the drums, and then save it onto a disk and layer it back into whatever tracks you're recording at home. It seems like a hassle to have to get all the extra gear just to record drums. If your friend is already willing to lend you some nice mics, I don't see why he wouldnt mind letting you use his studio. You'd get some real studio experience, and in your friends case, it'd benefit him as he'd become more knowlegeable about how it works (I'm assuming its his dad's or mom's).
NO its his His 28 he is probally the only cool music minister youll ever meet. . This was all done a rolland 2480 before he had his new studio.But were not like that close. And im not one to impose. Ummm. Right now i veiw recording as an instrument. Part of the process. I would like all of mine own instuments. I mean i probally could do something like that once i had all my stuff writen. Im probally going to get a firepod are but i dont think sooo and mbox. But how good does the firepod work i realy think its cool. And its got 8 inputs. And midi. Sooo someone help me.

Anyways god bless

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