please help immediately*** Mesa cab if i should buy it


i have a marshal 4x12 and bought it for cheap, like $300, now im looking into buying a mesa cab on ebay and the lowest one is $500. now it has a few torns in the cloth, does this really affect the sound horribly???? i should i buy it and save a few hundred? for my keeps?

or should spend more money on the mesa cab? please help quick it ends soon!

please help me decide if i should go el 34 on my triple rectifier or stay 6l6....!
no one really knew so i thought ask one more time, does anyone know what big bands use in their rectos?? please tell who, and for my curiosty can you tell if these bands use 6l6 or el 34?

blink 182 korn 311 all american rejects creed....... those kind of bands.
i really bought my boogie for my own kind of sound. but id reallly like to know what they are playing. if i have $ left over from the cab im gonna buy some el 34

here is the bias switch (or lack of how do i should whatever it is to el-34??? it doesnt even look like a switch it looks like nothing, its flat where i switch shold be.
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500 is not a great deal, those cabs can be had for less if you wait, watch, and check around. I say don't.


I wouldn't rush into buying "that one" I think you can spend a bit more and get one in excellent condition. Personally I like amps to look NEW. Also the guy selling it isn't the original owner so who knows what kind of life the cab has had, may have been put through hell, may not.

As for the Triple Recto tubes. I have a Triple rec (3 channel) from around 2002-2003 and it still has the 6L6's in it, I haven't tried the EL34's.

You mentioned Blink 182 in your bands list. I have looked at a TON of info on Tom's guitar rig over the years. I have never heard of the tubes in his Triple rec one way or the other, so I would assume they are the standard tubes. I can tell you that his Triple is the 2 channel design and I don't know if the 2 channel gives you the option to switch tubes.


I disagree - I think $500 is a great deal for a Mesa cab. They are one of the best you can buy. BUT I wouldn't buy a 4x12 on eBay, that just seems like you're begging for shipping damage.

And that is a functioning switch - you slide it over to the EL34 side. But I doubt you'll notice a huge difference. Power tubes in mesas aren't really heard unless you really have all the Master Volumes up high. Personally for a Recto I'd stick with 6L6s.


You asked the same question about the bias switch a month ago. It's tape. There is a piece of tape stuck to it. The switch is under the tape. I made the same confused mistake with mine.


I don't see any tape in the pic, but then again I don't see much of anything because it's so blurry.

There isn't supposed to be a toggle switch there, it's a plastic slider that you use a coin or whatever to slide it over. It's made that way so it doesn't accidentally get switched and blow tubes or components when you turn on the amp with the wrong bias setting.

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