Please help me decide on an amp style


Cynical Hack
So, I've got a vintage Supro knockoff that has some fun fuzz tones, but I'm wanting to get another amp and I'm having trouble deciding on which type or style to get. I was hoping you all could help me without too much trolling and sarcasm.

I know I should go and try out amps until I find something I like, but I don't think I can try anything out quite like what I'm looking for...

I'm leaning towards a Dr. Z amp like a Remedy or possibly a M12/Z28 if I can find one for a decent price. Or I'm leaning towards a dumble/TW clone from someone like Phaez or another small builder (although that seems like quite the gamble if the builder is extremely small and unknown). I don't need a lot of output since I'm mostly playing at my house for the time being. It doesn't need to be a "cranked marshall at bedroom level" amp since I rarely play when my wife is home, but I don't need to bust any windows either. The Supro knockoff is fun for the classic rock tones, but I would like something that has more bottom end and some chunky blues crunch.

Are any of these amps or circuits more touch sensitive than others? Are any of them "more forgiving", i.e. you don't have to worry about losing some overdrive if you happen to pick a couple newtons less than normal (if that makes sense)?

If there are any questions that would help someone help me, please ask!

I apologize for this whimsical mess of a thought train.

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