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Please help me I.D. a PRS Color option


Silver Supporting Member
I would post this over at Birds and Moons but they haven't activated my account yet and I know there is a lot of spill over between here and there, so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out.

When I was 15 years old, I walked into Sam Ash in Manhattan and eyed the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen. It was a PRS CU24 with a gorgeous yellow/black burst color. Unfortunately, soon after that day I fell down the Gibson rabbit hole for a long time and never purchased a PRS guitar. I always promised myself when I was going to buy a PRS I would buy one in that color I spotted nearly 15 years ago.

Fast forward to now and I want a DGT. I've been scouring every website, looking at countless DGTs for sale, and I cannot seem to ever find the one I'm looking for. Furthermore, I can't find the color on the PRS website at all.

Here is the burst in question...

Peter from Opeth

A McCarty currently being sold in the Emporium

The gentleman who is selling the McCarty above described this color as "Blackburst" but every Blackburst I have seen on PRS's website looks nothing like this. They tend be more Black and Orange than the Black and Yellow examples above.

So my questions...

1. Is this a Blackburst color option that PRS just doesn't make any more?
2. Could I order a DGT in this color?
3. If I can order a DGT in this color will it be a substantial upcharge? ($500+)

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Silver Supporting Member


If you go to the spec sheet for the DGT on PRS's website it lists custom color finish as an option. I would find a dealer and have them inquire for you.


Gold Supporting Member
It is called black sunburst, I just sold my prs sc245 in that color. It is not tobacco burst or mccarty tobacco burst.

Btw, it is not tri color burst, tri color burst has black, amber and a distinct red in it.

Again, black sunburst is the color.


Maybe all of your questions are answered already, but the McCarty Tobacco Sunburst doesn't really fade into black, but rather a very dark brown with a bit of burgundy/cordovan tone to it. In some lighting it can look almost black, but in other lighting that cordovan tinge is very apparent.

Amber Black fades into black, but usually the black fade is only at the very outermost edges of the top (and not covering most of the horns). Plus, the back and sides of most Amber Black guitars are in a medium mahogany - not as light as a natural back, but not dark, either. Every once in a while, you see an Amber Black with a special-order black back.

Black Sunburst is probably the color you saw (as others above have stated), but I don't think this is a regular color option anymore. That said, you can still find this color in the inventory of various dealers and stores.


Yep that's Black Sunburst. I used to have a CU24 in a quilt that color--never should have got rid of it....

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