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Please help me ID this guitar


Hi Everyone,

I've had this guitar hanging on the wall in my office at work for years. It was the first electric guitar that I bought when I was around 10 years old in the late 80s. I remember the store (no longer around) and it was bought used. I remember my dad haggling with the sales guy for it and a small crate practice amp that I thought was the greatest sounding thing I'd ever heard.

I tried looking it up on the guitar dater project website but it says it was built in Korea in 1991. The plate on the back has a serial number and says made in japan, plus I KNOW I got it before the 90s. Anyhow, does anyone know anything about this model? Name, etc.?



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I think it's an Epiphone Wilshire.

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Definitely an Epiphone Wilshire II. When they were reissued in 1982-1985 they were called the Wilshire II and Wilshire III. The Wilshire II had 2 mini humbuckers (yours) while the Wilshirs III had 3 mini humbuckers. They were originally made from 1959-1970 and 1st reissued from 1982-1985 and recently reissued a second time in 2009-present. Hope this helped.
Also, by the top right screw on the neck plate, be careful of that screw because the wood looks cracked there. I would look into getting that fixed.

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