please help me with pedal order!


i know this has been done almost as much as 'which clean boost?' but it seems a lot of this is very dependent on your specific rig. so here's what i have, in the order they are now, with their use in my rig:

-RC Booster: always on, just as an amp warmer/preamp type thing)

-MI Boost n Buff: set as a very slight clean boost for arpeggios; basically it's for stuff that needs to be louder than rhythm but not as loud as a solo)

-Mayo fuzz (just got it; not sure how i'll use it, probably maybe for some solos, and maybe for rhythm chording on heavier songs)

-Timmy (light OD)

-Klon (solo boost with some grit)

-Ibanez AD9 delay (set very light for some echo on jangly parts)

-Holy Grail reverb (always on)

-TU-2 tuner (should this be last? first?)

Any thoughts are MUCH appreciated!


Here's what I'd go with:

-RC Booster
-MI Boost n Buff
-Holy Grail reverb
-Ibanez AD9 delay
-TU-2 tuner

For more TU2 placement, check out my thread here:

cool, thanks!

would having the Bn'B right after the klon be redundant (boost-boost)? i thought having the bn'b earlier would mean i could use it to juice the dirt pedals as well as use it as a clean boost...

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