Please help !!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Tomislav Habus.

As a long time active guitarist I always had a problem with a choice of guitar. Some available guitars were not good for me because of neck characteristics, body dimensions or some other things that bother most of guitarists and guitars that I like were unavailable in my country or to expensive for me. Few years ago I came to idea to try to build a guitar. It was a big success and from that time I built many guitars for me and my friends. After positive reactions of fellow guitarists I decided to build guitars commercially and I want to establish small company for production of high quality guitars for fair price.

Building guitars is my passion but currently I don't have money to start business so please check out my campaign on Indiegogo and help if you can. You can find more details, pictures and whole story there.

Please don't forget to share my campaign.

Thank you !!!

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