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So, I'm thinking about trading my Hot Cat 30. Killer amp, I'm just not needing that much gain or that many teeth in my sound.

I'm using a Rick 650A and a Les Paul Standard. I play a lot of indie, ambient, and Barsuk/Saddle Creek type stuff.
Lots of delay via a newly acquired Timefactor and the trusty DL-4. My other pedals are revolving constantly, with a Tone Press and volume pedal being the only constant.
I don't play blues or metal.

I've owned:
Orange Rockerverb 100 - too grainy, not very ballsy without getting muddy, kind of uninspiring. Not touch sensitive enough. The FX loop was great, though.

Vox AC30CCH - Cool sound, but never really got to open it up. Kind of brittle.

Fender Deville 2x12 - the cheap indie amp of choice for tons of bands. Pretty good cleans, but the gain obviously sucked.

Mesa Rectos - Way too dark and grainy or fizzy, depending on EQ. Not very inspiring.

Marshall JCM800 2204 - Had one sound. Amazing, but limited.

What I'm looking for: uncompressed, bright but not piercing, big sound. 3D. I'm using an Orange 4x12, which is very dark cab by nature. I'm not against combos - in fact, I think and open back combo + the Orange 4x12 might be good for recording. I'd like something that will take pedals well; I'm thinking that using OD pedals might get me more flavors and options tonally than I've had by sticking to amps with preamp gain. I'm really wanting to try out some of the Menatone pedals.

I'm thinking about Dr Z stuff, a Matchless Clubman, or another AC30.

Sorry for the long post! Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Did you want a single channel amp, mainly for great cleans but takes overdrive pedal well? Seems like what you may be looking for by your post.


Yes I would have to suggest a Maz NR sr. I think a Matchless would get you there but I think the Maz is more open sounding. The EQ is easier to work with also. Unless it is one of the JMI AC I would skip that option. What is your budget?


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