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Please, RMC powering info!


Hi everybody,
I need an important answer to choose a new wah pedal!
I'd like to buy an RMC, Wizard i think, but I've read on the website that is MUST be powered by a max 200mA AC Adapter.

I use a 1Spot which gave me 1,7Ampere power, can I use it with the RMC or I'll have problem with it???

Eventually my second choise if for a Budda Wha....Thank you!

Mitch T

I'm VERY interested what the reason is for this new disclaimer. I mean,it's not that a One Spot or Powerall is constantly putting out 1700mA and that it would fry the corcuit ??? A circuit draws current, not the other way round.


Yes, adapters will only put out the current that is asked of them. However, if something goes wrong in the pedal, causing it to ask the full amperage the supply has to offer, a 1spot/Godlyke (with its 1700mA on tap) will be in a position to cause far more damage than a 200mA supply.

It's all academic anyway, IMHO - a wah circuit uses so little power, that a battery lasts close to forever. Just remember to unplug the input jack when you're done.


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