Please school me on effects loop switchers

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Mostly I prefer the Guitar + Amp w/ reverb pedal (TC Hall of Fame) in the buffered effects look. Even having a pedal or two turned off seems to diminish my tone. From what I've read this has to do with capacitance. So I leave pedals out of my rig. However, I would like to be able to kick in a pedal from time to time, delay, tremolo, fuzz, dirt, while keeping them entirely out of the chain when I am not using them. I assume there must be a pedal I can put in front of my amp that will either send my signal directly to the amp or through an effects loop. It would even be nice to have a more than one loop. However--and this is critical--I want it to maintain the tone of Guitar + Amp when the effects loops are not in use. I assume it needs a buffer to do this. So what pedal am I looking for?

    Thanks TGP!

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