Please show me your figured-top LPs and LP-inspired guitars

Millo 3.1

Please show me your figured-top Les Pauls, be it Gibson/Epiphone, or any other maker's version of the single-cut design, any scale-length and/or number of frets.

Please tell me any details you'd like about it: neck dimensions (nut width, neck thickness), body thickness, fret material, pickups, bridges, tuners, its intonation stability, solid vs much like it, what you'd change, and if you don't mind, more or less what you paid for it. I'm most interested in learning about neck dimensions, body thickness, upper-fret access, pickup output/magnets and what you think of it (favorite axe? Not even close?).

If there's a special story behind it, feel free to tell it.

Gibsons, Collings, Eastman, PRS, Carvins, Andersons...any welcome.

Thanks, post away!
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Here's my 2014 Peace with quartersawn flame figuring. I bought it new and then changed out some of the "Peace" theme hardware. I actually like the original stop bar, but I swapped out to light-weight aluminum to save a little weight. Switched the robot tuners (which did work as advertised for me, for the record) for Grover locking and put some keystone-style buttons on to keep the more classic Kluson type look.

Out of the case it was 8lb 14oz. After swapping out some hardware, I've got it down a bit to 8lb 10oz. Not a huge difference, but every ounce counts after the first set. :)

With guard on:

No guard:

And new tuners/buttons:


Millo 3.1

Gorgeous without the guard. Yeah, I really like locking tuners. I'd do the same...but on the ones I've tried the G-Force hasn't quite worked that well.

Thanks for sharing. Does it have the wider fretboard?


Three different types of Flame.. First is a Gibson Les Paul Axcess with a '60s neck.. And I wanted a Floyd Rose on a Les Paul without doing it myself, so I was glad Gibson came out with this model. It also has a Shaved Heel, Thinner Body, and a Tummy Cut which makes it very Comfortable to play. It comes with a coil tap which I really don't care for and never use. But it could be because I changed out the pickups.. And I also added Strap Locks..

Second one is a Gibson Les Paul R9 with probably my favorite neck of all of them. It is "Bigger" or "Fuller" than the '60s but not "Baseball Bat" big like most of the '50s necks. Added Strap Locks and changed the tuners out to Grover Tuplips.

Third one is a Gibson Les Paul Standard. Another favorite with a '60s neck. It took a while to find these three that felt good to me. I did add a TP6 Fine Tuner Stop piece on it. And they all sound Great. But it is a little hard, at least for me, to play the upper frets, 17th and higher. I would like to try out a 24 fret Les Paul, something like the "Buckethead" model. They are 27" scale length with 24 frets. All of mine are 24.75 Scale Length with 22 frets.

And the "Quilted" Back of my Les Paul Standard..

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This was my Thornton Legend at one time. I let it go to donate to a good cause, but I sure do miss it. Solid body, gloss nitrocellulose Tobacco Burst body with matte sides and neck, 5A Western Maple Top, Mahogany Back, Sides and Neck, 24 5/8″ Scale, Wolfetone Marshallhead Alnico II Pickups, Faber ABM Bridge, TonePro’s Aluminum Tailpiece, 12″ Radius Madagascar Rosewood Fretboard, Trapezoid Inlay and 1 11/16″ Nut, Nickel Hardware and Pickup Covers, 6100 Fretwire, and weighed in at 7lb 13oz. An absolutely incredible guitar with great playability and wonderful tone. Out of the dozens and dozens of guitars that have passed through my hands, this is the one I'd want back. Paid a bunch for it (new), but it was still less than a Gibson Historic.



Heres 1 the guys at Vintage Relic built for me 2 years ago.

Its got all old growth wood. Maple Top, Brazilian Rosewood Board, 1 piece Honduran. Cellulose Nitrate Inlays ect. Hide Glue, 50s Aniline dyes. Proper Truss Rod. Long Tenon.

Weighs in a 8.2lbs. No weight relief.

The guitar dimensions were built using Bartlett plans, and the averages from the guitars from the Beauty of the Burst Book.

1 thing I really had to have, and would have been a deal breaker if I couldnt get it was, Vintage Frets. 6230 Frets. the neck is... Fat .92 x 1.02 neck. They usually do Relicing, thus their name V/R. But I wanted as new from the factory.

The basic guitar with no electronics or plastic.. IMHO was really, really CHEAP. I wish I had the money for another 1 exactly like it. Remember Ive had the guitar now for almost 2 years, and its still nice to know I have it. Im also mainly a Strat guy, and this guitar was an eye opener for me

. Ive never been a Fender snob, although Ive played them for 45 years. But I finally got off my butt and decided in 2013 it was time to get a keeper Humbucker/LP type guitar.

I got the body completely ready for electronics/plastic for $2700. Also given the quality of the work/materials, they couldn't have done a better job, at any price. I also could have done it for much less if I didn't buy really expensive Plastic.

I used Throbak M69 RIngs. Mojoaxe Pickguard/Backplates.

Historic Makeovers/Retrospec Switch Tip, R/T Ring, V/T knobs, Truss Rod Cover,

Gotoh SD510 Locking Gears. Earvana Nut

Tom Holmes H450 x H455 pickups. Original 50s .015 x .022 BBs

Pigtail Aluminum Bridge/Pigtail Studs

Ive got around $4800 total in it.

I had it Set Up, Pleked at Glaser Instruments in Nashville. I send all my stuff to Glaser.

I wited from November 2013 -July 2014 when Glaser sent it to me. It took almost 3 months to do the finish.

I 1st knew I wanted an LP, and being a Strat guy wasn't up on humbuckers, so I surfed around, and it seemed the Holmes were highly regarded, and knowing I would have to save for any kind of Body/Platform to put the pickups in the wait time for the Holmes at the time was ok for me. At the time Tom quoted a 2 years wait.

Tom had been seriously ill, and was winding few pups during this period, so the long wait. Hes way down now. I got mine in 20 months.

But I looked around and decided to go with the guys at V/R. I was first going to buy an LP Traditional, and swap out all the parts on it, but decided against it.

V/R sent pics of the wood before milling, and during most every stage of construction. They couldn't have had better customer service. HIGHLY RECOMENDED, from a CS standpoint.

They also estimated the weight of the finished guitar, and it was exactly what they said it would be. 8.2lbs.



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This is a poor picture but here's my 2014 Custom Shop Class 5 plain top. I love this thing and can't really fault it. It has a 60s neck but it's not massively skinny, just very comfy. It's pretty much my perfect Les Paul. I ping pong between this and my Suhr and can't pick a favourite but this will be with me till I drop.



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Here's my R8 Stinger (originally slated to be a Don Felder model). I really love the neck on it. It's pretty unique to most that I've played as it doesn't change in thickness that much from the 1st to 12th fret. It also sounds hot no matter what pickups I've had in it. Maybe the pots? It currently has OX4 Ed Kings.



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My only burst at the moment, a 16' Standard in HCS. Plays great and weighs in at 9lbs 12oz, She's a one piece back which I wasn't expecting as most are multiple. 1st Fret is 0.800" and 12th is 0.875". Sounds killer, RS Wiring and Ron Ellis PAFs.

Older pic of when she came in the mail:
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2001 R8

Near the top in 'love' of my 8-9 guitars I have. I have 3 keepers. WCR Darkburst PUs.
Mother of god that is gorgeous. What color is that considered to be? The zebra pickups, tiger-ish's like some sort of beautiful Safari guitar.

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Mother of god that is gorgeous. What color is that considered to be? The zebra pickups, tiger-ish's like some sort of beautiful Safari guitar.
Thanks :) Teaburst if I remember correctly. "Tea" something :)

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