Please suggest a MIDI controller (Switchblade 8F)



I'm planning to purchase a 8F but, being totally new to MIDI, I'm not sure which controller I should pair with it.

Most models I found are too large plus I think I won't need more than 5 to 8 footswitches.

Then I came across Musicomlab's Lite 6M which looks just right, even though it's not a dedicated MIDI controller, and has the advantage of adding audio loops to insert in 8F's chain (or the other way around?).

Its manual says it can send 2 PC and 8 CC messages. I only need to control two pedals through MIDI plus the 8F itself so I'm wondering if the 6M could send a single PC to the 8F which would then take the relay and control the two MIDI enabled pedals (two Source Audio Programmable EQs). Is this possible?

Again, I'm new to MIDI so sorry if my question doesn't make sense.

Of course, any suggestions and/or comments are most welcome.



Here are some off the top of my head... Liquid Foot Jr., Liquid Foot Jr+, Liquid Foot Mini, Rocktron Midi Mate, Disaster Area DMC 8D, RJM Mastermind (the original, not the GT).

They all have pros and cons. For this application, I would skip the 6M


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I'm using a Liquid Foot+ Mini in a somewhat similar rig (RJM switcher, two other midi pedals, and occasionally other outboard pa and lighting control). I really like the flexibility, and the preset/song/setlist approach, compared to having a big batch of presets. It has a learning curve, but is easy to program using a computer.



I'm controlling 3 MIDI pedals with the LF+ Mini and the flexibility the unit has is overwhelming. The editor is a powerful tool as well.

But, in your case, getting a $800 device + $400 midi controller... why don't you just get the Boss ES8? I don't know how powerful the MIDI features are, but I don't think you won't need extra complicated stuff that something like the LF+ or RJM devices offer.


PEAK FCB4X. Small footprint and the flexibility to do nearly anything you can think of:

PEAK FCB4N. Same footprint, casing and switches. Simple LED. Not as flexible, but still pretty powerful. Much cheaper:

If you've got the funds. Liquid Foot, RJM have good small pedals. My favorite pedal right now, though not small, is the Fractal Audio MFC-101, which they don't market toward the MIDI crowd as much as they do towards the users of the AxeFX, but I've seen many MIDI controllers in my time and this one is an absolutely fantastic stand-alone MIDI controller. The version 1 can be had for $500 or less with a little patience.

One of the things about going MIDI is you find more and more devices you can control, often necessitating the need or desire for more switches. If you don't want to spend twice, keep that in mind.

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