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Please Suggest Reading on Les Paul Nut Problems and Maintenance


Senior Member
Hello folks, I am new to the Gibson LP family. I'm looking for some suggested reading on Les Paul nut problems and maintenance.

In my very limited experience, it seems some LP Standards (and other models) in stores do not have the nut slotted well (at least the ones I was able to try out when guitar shopping).

I bought a LP this summer and the guitar sounds and feels great but the low E was not sitting correctly in the nut. As such, the lower frets were not intonated correctly.

Being a newbie LP owner, I was reluctant to do the work on my new axe. A great tech properly slotted the nut so that the strings are seated correctly. I would love to know more about identifying the issue and be aware of how it affects the guitar. Between the nut and the tune-o-matic bridge, the LP as two very sharp break points!


All materials concerning guitars and especially electric guitars can be read. Dan Erlewine's books are good. When the strings are too high at the nut is when bad intonation in the first position is noticeable. Properly sized nut files and practice are necessary; it's easy to over do it.

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